Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Tag: Superheroes

UK sales show hero toys still super in 2017

Coinslot - Girl Power Bandai Namco plush toys
According to research conducted by specialist market research company NPD, £1 in every £13 spent on toys in first half of 2017 was on superheroes.   The research showed sales of superhero toys to have increased by 70% since 2014, with Batman from DC Comics taking the top spot as the UK’s most popular toy licence. The Super Heroes Girls from DC...

World of Rides launces ‘Super’ Future Bike range

Coinslot, World of Rides, EAG, David Robinson, future outlander
UK leisure ride manufacturer, World of Rides, has confirmed the release of a new ‘Superhero Future Bike’ range of battery rides designed for operators short on space.   World of Rides has launched a newly designed range of Superhero Future Bike battery rides featuring LED effects which are set to bring higher income to operators according to site tests. The company claims...