Saturday, January 29, 2022

Tag: Suffolk

Amusements themed Banksy vandalised

Banksy art Great British Spraycation
Multiple Banksy pieces which recently appeared along the Norfolk and Suffolk coast as part of the artist’s “Great British Spraycation” series have been vandalised, including one at Ocean Bay Amusements.

Lowestoft South Pier FEC closed after overnight burglary

Lowestoft South Pier burglary
Suffolk Police were called to the Family Entertainment Centre on Lowestoft’s South Pier  on 8 July after reports of a burglary at the popular seaside..

CCF invites Felixstowe to apply for redevelopment funding

Felixstowe, suffolk, seaside, Coastal Communities Fund
Plans to redevelop a part of the seafront in Felixstowe, Suffolk, have passed the first stage of scrutiny by the Coastal Communities Fund - with councillors now being urged to apply for £950,000 in order bring their vision to fruition. The project’s focus is on a neglected stretch of Sea Road and nearby Martello Park, which Suffolk Coastal District Council...

Felixstowe rat gas plan shelved

Felixstowe Pier
In what should be of little surprise to anyone, a plan to use lethal gasses to curb a rat problem in Felixstowe has been halted due to safety concerns. According to Suffolk Coastal District Council the region’s growing popularity and “booming tourist economy” has not only led to an influx of revellers but increasing numbers of rats. Conventional methods such as...

Ronnie and Woody ordeal finally at an end

Coinslot - Woody Ronnie Mascots2
Woody Bear and Ronnie the Raccoon, mascots for Pleasurewood Hills in Suffolk, have been returned after a 48 hour kidnapping nightmare.   In non-dictatorship related news, the entire county of Suffolk breathed a collective sigh of relief as beloved amusements mascots Woody Bear and Ronnie the Raccoon were returned to Pleasurewood HIlls in Lowestoft safe and sound, so says the right...

Southwold Pier booming despite mysterious nearby fire

Coinslot - Southwold Pier fire
A fire took hold of wheelie bins on 10 May in a carpark located by Southwold Pier, which services both local businesses and the attraction.   Management at the pier’s arcade were pleased to announce that that the blaze caused no harm, both to the pier’s infrastructure and footfall, due to the unsocial time of the fire, and the fact that...

New report reveals Brexit threat to east coast’s positivity

Coinslot - Brexit threat east coast
Tourism businesses on the east coast are feeling largely positive about the season ahead. But with the spectre of Brexit looming on the horizon, they are worried about the years beyond it.   A survey of tourism and leisure businesses in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex has revealed that a healthy majority expect to see further growth over the next two years. Firms...