Thursday, January 27, 2022

Tag: Storm Doris

UK operators face pier pressure following Doris

Coinslot - Pressure storm Doris UK pier
As the country is recovering from the pressure of this weekend’s storms many pier owners are facing a hit to insurance premiums through no fault of their own. It may be time for the Government step in to preserve our coastal heritage, says Tom Rush.   The piers that adorn the coast of the UK are a quintessential part of the...

UK piers to foot the bill following Doris Day

Coinslot - Piers Doris Day Storms UK
The damage caused to piers and other coastal attractions by recent storms could lead to unavoidable increases in insurance premiums, despite operator best practices. In light of this, many in the industry are calling for further governmental review and support of the sector.   Storm Doris had its day and many pier operators around the UK have been left footing an...