Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tag: StepManiaX

UDC: Park Avenue still playing its part 35 years on

UDC park avenue preview
Delighted to be welcoming back operators and colleagues for the first time since 2019, Mark Horwood, managing director at UDC, spoke to Coinslot about how the upcoming Park Avenue Open Day has remained a highly valued date on the industry calendar for more than three decades.

Park Avenue 2022 Preview attracts visitors “from near and far” and the doors are staying open for an extended period

Park Avenue 2022 Preview
UDC and Electrocoin’s innovative Park Avenue 2022 Preview event welcomed guests from up and down the country to London last week, showcasing a “varied and exciting” selection of new products.

UDC unveils new StepManiaX

UDC StepManiaX
UDC has announced that visitors to its upcoming Park Avenue 2022 Preview event will be able to view and play the latest generation of step based ‘Exergaming’ dancing game machines; StepManiaX.