Monday, December 6, 2021

Tag: Stephanie Smith

Gurus reveal spares and components wisdom

Coinslot Maggi Electronics Stephanie Smith
Maggi Electronic’s marketing co-ordinator, Stephanie Smith, delves into the services offered by her company and the ethos behind its commitment to spares and components.   Coinslot: How does Maggi ensure that it has a good supply of spares and components available on demand? Stephanie Smith: Our workshop manager David Kay, methodically maintains and manages a minimum working stock level to ensure our...

Maggi golf day continues charitable success

Coinslot Maggi Golf
Maggi Maggi recently held is annual charity golf day, with a number of industry luminaries turning out to support good causes while testing their skills on the fairways. The company’s marketing co-ordinator Stephanie Smith provided a report of how the day’s action unfolded: “The 7 September 2016 proved to be the perfect day to hold our 10th Annual Golf Tournament...