Monday, February 26, 2024

Tag: Stella Burgi

SuzoHapp set to get a slice of the Irish cake

Coinslot Irish Gaming Show SuzoHapp
The Irish market is the next stop for spares and components giant SuzoHapp on its international exhibition tour. And topping the agenda for the Irish Gaming Show will be the company’s secure cashhandling solutions. Stella Burgi outlines the plan for Dublin.   According to Stella Burgi, marketing manager EMA at SuzoHapp, more and more gaming machine manufacturers are entering the Irish...

SuzoHapp: Always secure and always prepared

Coinslot SuzoHapp
New product range from SuzoHapp launched at this year’s ICE Totally Gaming. SuzoHapp has established itself as a global technology leader in gaming, retail and banking environments with its cash handling technology. Stella Burgi, marketing manager EMA at SuzoHapp, said: “Our product range has been enriched by cash handling product range, for example Cash- Complete, that is new, and we’re launching...