Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Lee Willows: ‘We should be humbled that addiction levels are coming down: do we really think that big state programmes, funded by a statutory levy and controlled by the...

Lee Willows problem gambling
When it comes to problem gambling, lived experience and recovering from addiction via a suicide attempt, court appearance and relationship breakdowns, Lee Willows turned his life around to become one of the most influential forces in modern methods to dealing with the problem.

NRM MD Andrew Ludlow: ‘Evidence not dogma should drive the debate on how best to reduce problem gambling’

Andrew Ludlow NRM Group safer gambling
Gambling operators have a duty to help promote safer gambling but the message from NRM’s MD Andrew Ludlow is the debate about how to achieve this should not overlook the successes of the voluntary system and the role of the industry and smaller charities in achieving the lowest ever level of problem gambling in the UK.

‘A 1 percent statutory levy would simply be the death knell for many gambling businesses in town and city centres’

Peter Hannibal statutory levy
With problem gambling rates at a record 0.2 percent low and the industry already paying £3bn in tax, the Gambling Business Group calls for the salvo on the industry to stop.

Brigid Simmonds: Statutory levy a ‘big step backwards’

Brigid Simmonds statutory levy
Far too often policy is driven by emotion not evidence, says Brigid Simmonds, chair of the Betting and Gaming Council - and the statutory levy is becoming one of those areas.