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British Chambers of Commerce calls for an energy price cap for SMEs and more temporary visas as supply chain disruption persists

British Chamber of Commerce calls for energy price cap SMEs visas supply chain
80 percent of firms in a new British Chambers of Commerce survey have experienced an increase to their prices over the past 12-months with nearly half (46 percent) categorising these as ‘significant’.

If you don’t get the findings you want, just change the methodology until you do: Commission research pilot to include “information on broader gambling harms”

Gambling Commission research problem gambling related harms
Not satisfied with its own official statistics that currently put the problem gambling rate in Britain at 0.3 percent, the Gambling Commission is testing a new methodology that it says will include “information on broader gambling harms”.

Gambling Commission’s quarterly gambling stats: Denounce or discuss?

Gambling Commission telephone survey problem gambling statistics
Statistics, statistics, damn lies blah blah blah. Yes, the saying is worn out by its very own truth, and none more so than with the quarterly telephone survey stats on gambling prevalence conducted by the Gambling Commission. We’ve already ascertained that problem gambling rates, according to the latest GC survey, are at their lowest ever level. But there’s more to the stats than at-risk gamblers, some actually show at-risk gambling operations as numbers on play fall. Except online, obviously; but be careful what you read - the figures are not as dramatic as they seem. Coinslot takes a trip through the latest GC stats.

Gambling Commission: “The overall problem gambling rate has decreased significantly”

Gambling Commission statistics problem gambling
The Gambling Commission’s latest survey of problem gambling for the quarter ending September 2021 has revealed that the rate has halved in the past year from 0.6 per cent to 0.3 percent. It’s now at its lowest ever level.

Quentin Stott: “Those businesses that invest will get the return”

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming ACOS 2021
Quentin Stott, managing director of Reflex Gaming, is looking forward to ACOS next week. But then he should be, his company has spent the Covid-era pumping out new games and developing its systems. “We are pointed in a very good direction,” he told Coinslot ahead of his trip to London

A key problem with the current debate on gambling

Jon Bryan The Great Debate key problem gambling
The average anti-gambling campaigner’s view of the working class is a key problem with the current debate on gambling, according to Jon Bryan, treasurer of debating society The Great Debate.

Several years of decline recorded in one summer for retail gambling

retail gambling decline
Before Covid-19 retail gambling was in slow decline, but with lockdown and restrictions giving online gambling even more competitive advantages, the amusements, non-remote bingo, and non-remote betting sectors have all lost more in the summer of 2020 than they have for several years prior.

Make that call: Problem gambling prevalence halves from 0.6 percent to 0.3 – the lowest for over five years

Gambling Prevalence Survey industry response problem gambling
The Commission’s latest problem gambling figures for 2020 are finally out there for public consumption and they are encouraging.

Is it time for caution with the pandemic polemic?

Gambling Commission UKGC stats
The latest statistics from the Gambling Commission do not a gambling pandemic make. Far from it,to be fair. Six months into Lockdown Britain, the country was warned that gambling would spiral out of control, but the warnings have failed to come to fruition.

Number dive: Some glimmers amongst the clouds

Statistics GamCom
To channel the spirit of the good-old weatherman (yeah, or woman - put it in your blog), the overall outlook for the gambling industry may have been gloomy in the Gambling Commission latest figures, but delving a little deeper into the numbers, and there were some definite sunny spells.

Gambling Commission releases industry stats that shows an industry in transition

Gambling Commission data industry statistics released
Contraction across the board was the key take-away from the regulator’s latest assessment of the size and scale of the gambling industry…and that was before the age of Corona. The Gambling Commission’s statistics through to September 2019 are now out

B3 takings rise in latest GamCom stats

Gambling Commission Statistics B3
The Gambling Commission’s most up-to-date reckoning of the gambling industry recorded FOBT players redirecting in numbers to B3 product in the run up to March 31.

GC statistics: Young people are gambling less than ever

Gambling Commission statistics
Despite the shrill of anti-gambling headlines hitting the industry in recent years - particularly recently with regards to ‘child gambling’ - the Gambling..

Industry data: Breaking down the numbers on arcades

Admiral AGC Industry data
New data shows arcades and machine businesses accounting for less and less of the national gambling economy, which is a problem as they employ a sizeable..

GamCom stats detail industry in need of aid

Gambling Commission Statistics Performance
Landed competitors struggled to keep up yet again with their remote equivalents last year, but the Gambling Commission remains coy as to how (or even if)..

Never mind the rhetoric: Underage statistics are headed the right way, say Rank executive

hospitality jobs
Taking the stand at last month’s parliamentary talks on kids and gambling, the Rank Group’s David Williams laid out core stats which drew a very different picture to that of the familiar “depressing” and myopic media narrative. Last month the Rank group took the opportunity in addressing legislators to set the record straight on core issues regarding the characteristics of...

Carving a niche: The new challenge for the pub landlord

As pubs increasingly try to be all things to all people, new research suggests that it is in carving out a specific niche that the pub-landlord best positions his venue for high-returns. The latest research on British market trends from research firm the Mintel group shows significant disparity between demographics of customers: older drinkers seek a more traditional pub experience,and...

Temperatures boost UK economy for Q2

Weather sun beach
Warm temperatures and the celebratory mood created by England’s performance in the World Cup were both contributing factors to a 0.4 per cent growth in the UK economy throughout the three months ending June 30, according to the latest estimates from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Their latest data suggests that the weather-dependent construction sector enjoyed the largest gains,...

Arcade revenue rises as sector shows “high levels of resilience”

Coinslot-FEC AGC
While only rising marginally to £423.2m in gross gambling yield, the ‘arcade sector’ is showing “high levels of resilience” under increasing costs and rising inflation. AGCs and FECs together recorded £423.2m in gross gambling yield (GGY) between the period October 2016 - September 2017, up marginally from £421.8m between the period April 2016 - March 2017,according to the Gambling Commission. Analysing the...

“There are lies, damned lies and statistics “

Coinslot - FOBT stakes statistics review cost commission
As the dust begins to settle on the latest Gambling Commission Annual Report, something still doesn’t sit right with its gambling statistics, suggests Ken Scott.   Mark Twain declared “there are lies, damned lies and statistics.” Which is probably a useful reference point whenever it comes to assessing gambling statistics. The latest set, found in the recent Gambling Commission Annual Report,...

Commission stats reveal true state of the industry

Coinslot International Gambling Commission chief industry strategy
The Gambling Commission delivers its summary of statistics for the broader industry.   This Industry Statistics document provides a half-year update to the regular analysis of the Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) in Great Britain, which this time totals £13.8bn. This is the total figure reported by operators who are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. Aggregated information is presented by...

Operators invest as industry stats show sustained AGC yield growth

Coinslot - norwich Gambling Commission stats GGY AGC FEC machine
Industry statistics released by the Gambling Commission show renewed machine investment and increasing gross gambling yield for AGC, but a slight fall in performance for FEC and bingo sector.   Amusements operators invested in 9 percent more machines from October 2015 - September 2016 (compared to the period March 2015 - April 2016), amounting to 21,839 machines, according to Gambling Commission...