Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Enfield Council calls for more powers to reject AGC applications

Enfield Council calls for more powers to reject agc applications
Ahead of a gambling review, local authorities - still riled up by the now defunct FOBT - are becoming restless at their inability to reject licence applications for gambling premises on the high street. Enfield Council are calling for more power from government, but will that call get heard before the upcoming review, or will high street gaming have time to continue its clean up of the reputational mess left by B2 machines?

Gambling Business Group steps up call for a modernisation programme

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group Modernisation
The Gambling Business Group has set the wheels in motion for the formation of a structured package of proposals to modernise the framework within which..

Cutting FOBT stakes to £2 is the right thing to do

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On the date of implementation for FOBT maximum stake cuts, secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport Jeremy Wright posted a blog backing his predecessor’s decision and emphasising that where there is evidence of gambling-related harm, the DCMS will act. Today the maximum stakes on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals will be cut from £100 to £2 in bookmakers...

FOBT stakes brought forward: Industry, politicians and finance sector reacts

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Whilst the week may have seen no small degree of political upheaval and dissent, there was near unanimity in the response to the government’s turnaround on the timing of new FOBT stakes. BACTA chief executive John White called it “a victory for common sense,” adding that “there was never any justification for being delayed beyond April 1.” “The right decision...

Government u-turns on FOBT stake deadline

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The government has acquiesced to growing calls – even within its own ranks – for it to bring forward a proposed reduction in FOBT maximum stakes

Pub body calls for rise in Cat C stakes and prize

BBPA Responds to Latest Government Review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has responded to the Government’s consultation on gaming machines and social responsibility proposals, and has called on the Government to ensure that Category C amusement machines (also known as fruit machines) in pubs remain attractive to customers, so that they...

Paddy Power Betfair calls for FOBT stakes reduction in shock announcement

paddy power betfair fobt
Paddy Power Betfair has become the first major bookmaker to announce its support for reducing FOBT maximum stake levels, leaving the industry dumbfounded.   Perhaps accepting the inevitable, the surprise decision comes weeks before the government’s highly-anticipated triennial review on gambling, in which FOBT stakes are expected to come under fire. Breon Corcoran, Paddy Power Betfair CEO, was previously “ambivalent" about the...

Volatile stocks reveal FOBT maximum stake uncertainty

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With the betting industry preparing for a £20 maximum stake on FOBTs, bookmakers shares were lifted when Barclays predicted a more generous £25 last week. However, other investors are not so confident, with GVC waiting until the outcome of the triennial review to further acquisition talks with Ladbrokes Coral.   William Hill and Ladbrokes Coral shares rose last week following Barclays...

Statistics show “hardcore” state of FOBT’s high stakes

Coinslot - FOBT stakes statistics review cost commission
Industry statistics published by the Gambling Commission have shown that FOBTs brought in £1.8bn for bookmakers. But, Bacta analysis has uncovered the effect of B2’s £100 maximum stake. The FOBT debate will not go away.   Analysis of industry statistics by Bacta has revealed that FOBTs are responsible for 96 percent of all machine gross gambling yield (GGY) made in excess...

Right to Reply: bacta’s John White on Government review

Coinslot - John White right to reply bacta review industry
In a response to last week’s article from Malcom George, bacta’s John White responds with reference to the Government’s impending review.   The entire industry is awaiting with great interest the outcome of the Government’s review into gaming machine stakes and prizes. Rightly, much of the focus has been on B2 machines, which have become increasingly controversial as their imprint on the...

Comment: Answering the question – Bacta’s report into FOBT stakes

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It seems to Joseph Ewens that bacta’s new report into FOBT stakes might provide the much sought after tipping point in the governments pivotal review. We shall see, once the Triennial deadline passes, what the various submissions to the DCMS have been and how convincing the evidence they lay out is likely to be. But having been at Parliament this...