Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Drinks sales holding up despite operational challenges

Drink sales holding up despite operational challenges
Saturday drinking has pushed the value of sales to within 5 percent of 2019 figures. But pubs keep a watchful eye over supply and staff shortages.

Hospitality leaders warn of “staffing crisis” without immigration reform

hospitality staffing letter
More than 65 hospitality leaders have called on the Government to revise settlement schemes and the highly skilled migrants list in order to prevent the sector “imploding” due to staff shortages caused by Brexit and Covid-19.

British Chamber of Commerce criticises government planning failures as staff shortages take their toll on operations

hospitality staff shortages British Chamber of Commerce
It wasn’t just Sir Keir Starmer who piled into the government for its crisis management failures this week. A key voice of business, the British Chamber of Commerce, has not been impressed either

Staff crisis isn’t going away warns KPMG survey

labour shortages not going away KPMG survey
Switching the economy on over the summer has created a spike in demand for staff but labour shortages are more than just a short-term problem as businesses compete for the same candidates.

Government makes U-turn on hospitality training

Government u-turn on hospitality training
Inclusion on Lifetime Skills Guarantee is recognition of the importance of hospitality and leisure in the economic recovery and the acute skills and staff shortage that’s facing the sector.

Elliot Ball: “We have a number of vacancies…which we are struggling to fill”

Elliot Ball Clacton Pier
Clacton Pier is 150 years old and it’s offering is as good as it’s been. What it needs now more than ever is staff as the seaside resort faces its summer wave. That, though, is a major challenge.

Trading ‘good’ at Grand Pier as some restrictions remain in place

Michelle Michael Grand Pier
There is a frustration for Michelle Michael over staff recruitment. It’s not the shortage that causes issues as much as the time wasted by people accepting offers and then declining the job.

Freedom day has delivered a mixed bag of fortunes for the industry says Bacta

John White industry staff shortages
There is a ‘genuine shortage of staff’, observes Bacta’s John White, and it’s making opening tough work for some operators. But the crucial summer holiday period is starting and the industry needs to start rebuilding balance sheets for the winter.

Richardson still weighing up the benefits of freedom

Martin Richardson Happidrome Arcade
For a business like Martin Richardson’s a few pings could mean closure. And ‘don’t even go there’ on the subject of staff shortages.

Sascha Blodau: “We are in line with July 2019 which is where we wanted to be”

Sascha Blodau pingamodium staff shortages
The customers are pleased to be back, as are MERKUR UK where performance is back in line with pre-lockdowns. But pingamodium and staff shortages have laid significant challenges in the path of freedom day.

Staff shortages in abundance across the amusements and gaming sector

Staff Shortages gaming sector
The message to the UK’s political elite is pretty stark: you’re underestimating the problem of staff shortages - at our peril. The lack of staff at operations around the amusements and gaming sector is very real. Coinslot speaks to a range of operators and discovers a unity - “recruitment has been hard and will get harder”.

Boom time: Skegness and Scarborough bank on summer bonanza

Skegness and Scarborough bank on summer bonanza
Scarborough and Skegness are just two resorts reporting bumper bookings for this summer, as more than 30 percent of UK residents plan a domestic holiday. However, staff shortages still loom large.

Respect, just a little bit: Llandudno Pier management speaks out against rude customers amid staff shortages

Llandudno Pier
After receiving abuse in the forms of screams and shouts from a “so-called lady”, management at Llandudno Pier took to Facebook to remind people to be patient and polite in the face of longer wait times caused by industry-wide staff shortages.

Supply chain disruption affecting every corner of the industry

haulage supply chain problems
A perfect storm of Brexit teething problems and a quickly reawakening economy is causing bottlenecks in the supply chains of almost every sector that relies on logistics and physical product - from pints, to paper, to pub gaming machines. Coinslot looks at three announcements this week, all unrelated, but all very much connected to the a troubling question: are delays and price hikes an inevitability?

Staff shortages put a dampener on industry’s new found freedoms

Former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt said of freedom that “in the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved” - a lesson that many businesses are learning as they attempt to reopen amid serious staffing shortages. Former Bacta president and Funstation managing director James Miller explains just how difficult recruitment has become in post-lockdown Britain.