Friday, December 3, 2021

Tag: Southend Borough Council

Southend Adventure Island owner calls for ‘badly-needed’ seafront parking spaces

Southend Parking Royal Terrace
With out-of-town retail and leisure developments luring customers away from the Essex resort, Philip Miller remains adamant that extra seafront parking could..

Southend parking issues flare up again

Adventure Island
Adventure Island owner Philip Miller has criticised Southend Council for increasing parking charges in the seaside town. The authority has introduced minimum charges on seafront parking, despite neighbouring councils launching several free car parks to boost tourism. “All high streets have tremendous competition these days from out of town centres which are all free car-parking,” said Miller. “It makes sense...

Adventure Island boss steps up pressure on Southend council

adventure island southend
Adventure Island owner Philip Miller has ramped up his criticism of Southend Borough Council over rises to car parking charges and business rates.   Earlier this month he took to Twitter to articulate his fears that the increases could see more recognisable retail brands leave the resort and hit visitor numbers. Now he has spoken to an Essex regional newspaper to put...