Friday, December 3, 2021

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Soundnet/Touchtunes agrees ACOS order for 100 jukeboxes

Touchtunes Soundnet Angelina jukebox orders acos
The Angelina jukebox continued to make a mark for Soundnet/Touchtunes at ACOS this year, with an order for 100 of the high-spec models signed during the two-day event.

Soundnet: ‘Deals to suit everyone’

Soundnet Sound Leisure Angelina Jukebox
Soundnet/TouchTunes are marking the industry’s return to live events with an array of special offers for jukebox operators. And, making the trip to London all the more worthwhile will be the debut of the V5 jukebox kit, designed to bring a turbocharge to older Sound Leisure jukes. Toby Hoyte explains all.

V5: Another tool in the operator’s box

Richard Roberts Independent Leisure V5 jukebox conversion kit Soundnet Sound Leisure
Soundnet and Sound Leisure can teach its old jukeboxes to do new tricks, with Richard Roberts from Independent Leisure in Norfolk using the V5 jukebox conversion kit to upgrade his equipment, and in turn provide a “significant uplift in cashbox”.

Jukeboxes show signs of a speedy return to pre-lockdown levels

Soundnet TouchTunes Jukeboxes signs return to pre-lockdown levels
Jukeboxes are bouncing back according to the latest data from music supplier Soundnet/TouchTunes. Average income figures are showing venues heading to within touching distance of the levels of March 2020. Toby Hoyte outlines the story behind the latest statistics.

Soundnet offers venues the opportunity to ‘supercharge your Sound Leisure juke with the V5’

Soundnet Sound Leisure V5 kit
Soundnet and Sound Leisure have unveiled a special promotion for venues to upgrade their older model jukeboxes into a Milestones juke - with a little help from their V5 friend.

Freedom day delay: Ian Eason / Louise Austin / Leigh Smith / Toby Hoyte

Freedom Day delay Ian Eason Louise Austin Leigh Smith Toby Hoyte
Ian Eason: “Another kick in the balls for the supply chain”

Toby Hoyte: Easter 2021 is going to be the new Christmas

Toby Hoyte jukebox Soundnet Touchtunes 2020 Review
Overall and in many different ways it has been a disastrous year. To an extent Covid has poured fuel on a fire that was already burning. It has made a lot of people question what they do and prompted them to look hard at their jukebox operation and explore the opportunities that exist in greater detail.

Roll-out the Barrel: TouchTunes move the dial with creative jukebox experience

Touchtunes Fusion Music System Barrell edition
The prize for the most creative product on show at EAG 2020 must surely go to Soundnet/TouchTunes whose ‘Fusion Music System Barrel Edition’

Milestones In Music and the Angelina to take centre stage at EAG

Angelina Music EAG Toby Hoyte
Toby Hoyte, of Soundnet TouchTunes, explains how Soundnet and Sound Leisure are helping operators to make the most from their music offering

Angelina: More music, more entertainment, more fun and more cash box!

Toby Hoyte Angelina Jukebox
Toby Hoyte, Marketing Director at Soundnet/TouchTunes, explains why all sections of the market are just loving the Angelina

My TouchTunes: Natasha Goldstein-Opasiak

My Touchtunes Natasha Goldstein-Opasiak
Soundnet's Senior Client Co-Ordinator, Natasha Goldstein-Opasiak, brings a distinctly millennial edge to this week’s My Touchtunes playlist. Her..

Angelina still hogs the digital jukebox limelight one year on

Angelina jukebox limelight
With an unrivalled aesthetic and an income 36 percent above the national jukebox average, TouchTunes’ Angelina needn’t toot it’s own horn - especially..

Tony Silkstones’ My Touchtunes

Tony Silkstone My TouchTunes
My Touchtunes: This week sees Tony Silkstone, Technical Sales manager at Sound Leisure take us where drinks are free! With a set of music memories ranging..

Linda Malcolm’s My TouchTunes

Linda Malcolm Operations Manager Bacta
Jonathan Walwyn’s passion for big, anthemic sing along numbers makes way for an edition of My TouchTunes sprinkled with a little bit of class - as Coinslot readers would no doubt expect from Linda Malcolm, Bacta’s long serving Operations Manager and PA to the Chief Executive. Sitting comfortably alongside the more disposable ‘pop’ music associated with her childhood and...

John Stergides’ My TouchTunes

John Stergides MyTouchtunes Electrocoin
Industry veteran John Stergides, Managing Director at ELECTROCOIN, brings a smorgasbord of globe-trotting delights to this week’s MyTouchtunes

Steve Murray’s My Touchtunes

Steve Murray My Touchtunes
This week’s Jukebox Journalist is one of the UK coin-op and amusement industry’s most familiar, yet enigmatic personalities, Steve Murray.

SoundNet and TouchTunes continue to invest in sector’s future with re-profiling initiative

Soundnet TouchTunes Toby Hoyte
SoundNet is ensuring that all of its customers have access to what is one of the largest music and music video libraries in the world thanks to a series of update options which are being made available foc...

TouchTunes take technology to the next level

TouchTunes contactless
TouchTunes are anticipating a busy ACOS with the launch of the crowd-pulling Angelina, the new technology driven jukebox. James Luck, commercial director at Soundnet, explains. Coinslot: How will you be approaching ACOS - what does it deliver for TouchTunes? James Luck: ACOS has been an important trade show for TouchTunes as we launched Playdium there in 2016. So we not only...

Norman Valente’s Playdium Picks

Coinslot Playdium Jukebox TouchTunes
With British summertime now in full swing after Linda Lindsay’s classic chart hits list, this week sees Norman Valente, Proprietor of Go Leisure, looking on the bright side, not looking back in anger and looking a bit fed up with the art of yodeling! Norman began his career in the gaming machine industry in the late 60s working with his...

Lee Taylor’s Playdium Picks

Lee Taylor playdium picks
  Keeping it fresh after Kate Chambers’ ICE cool picks, Soundnet’s head of music, Lee Taylor, steps in with a burst of Fire, some screaming topiary and a heavy dose of Madchester music to warm the cockles in this special jukebox edition of Playdium Picks.   In his role as Head Of Music for Soundnet, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of audio...

TouchTunes commitment is sweet music to jukebox operators

Coinslot - TouchTunes jukebox
“The World’s Smartest Jukebox” is proving to be a hit with operators, especially with manufacturer TouchTunes’ new business model.   “A new period of opportunity for jukebox operators” is how Toby Hoyte, sales and marketing manager, TouchTunes UK, has described the visionary new commercial model introduced for the Playdium online jukebox. The combination of music charges pegged at just 18 percent of...

TouchTunes App registers six million users

TouchTunes App registers 6m users as smartphone meets smart jukebox
Playdium’s status as the preferred jukebox app for the Spotify Generation and 21st century consumers of music in general has been put into sharp focus, courtesy of the latest user data released by TouchTunes.   As of the beginning of May the TouchTunes App has recorded an astonishing six million registered users in the United States, with new sign-ups averaging 25,000...

Playdium Menu Management boosts play after passing of Chuck Berry

Coinslot - Playdium Chuck Berry
The sad death of rock ’n’ roll pioneer Chuck Berry has been reflected by the public’s demand to enjoy his music, reveals data from Playdium’s TouchTunes jukebox.   The power of the Playdium smart jukebox was put into sharp relief following the passing of Chuck Berry, one of the founding fathers of rock ’n’ roll, who died aged 90 years last...

Playdium’s online capabilities and menu management is stimulating play

Coinslot - Playdium Online capabilities TouchTunes
TouchTunes’ Nick Hardy explores the success behind the Playdium jukebox related to online data monitoring and real-time updates.   According to Nick Hardy, TouchTunes Commercial Director, Europe, the ability to constantly monitor play and undertake continuous real-time updates are two of the stand out features which explain the success being enjoyed by the 250 Playdium jukeboxes sited in pubs, clubs and...

Sparks to fly in jukebox sector following AMI’s buy out of NSM

Coinslot Sparks NMI AMI
It’s all systems go in the jukebox world now, with added US investment and competitive spirit behind the UK’s two biggest suppliers. Joseph Ewens is looking forward to what the future holds for this sector.   2017 was already shaping up to be a pretty interesting year on many fronts, but it seems that we can now add the jukebox sector...

EAG 2017 report – Sound Leisure: Bringing jukeboxes to a new generation

Coinslot Sound Leisure
Jukebox specialists Sound Leisure brought their eye-catching free standing jukeboxes to EAG as part of a stand that showcased the company’s ground-breaking partnership with TouchTunes and Soundnet. Sound Leisure brought the latest in jukebox technology to EAG, showcasing a concise sampling from its considerable portfolio of digital and classic free-standing jukeboxes. Of particular note was the the Digital 1015 which features...

Updates announced for MIM and VHub in 2017

Coinslot VHUB Simon Davis Soundnet
Soundnet used its appearance at EAG to announce the launch of a series of new improvements to the MIM and VHub jukeboxes. Updates will soon be available as a USB memory stick, which  will enable operators to add multiple updates together making any catch up much quicker onsite or back at the office for stock items. Soundnet will also be introducing new...

Innovation and market knowledge are keys to rejuvenation

Coinslot Playdium Jukebox TouchTunes
TouchTunes believe that the introduction and deployment of the Playdium smart jukebox by Sound Leisure will kick start the process of rejuvenating the UK market. TouchTunes European managing director, Alan Newham, is confident that the new TouchTunes jukebox is exactly what the UK market ordered: “TouchTunes commitment to product innovation and features that are developed specifically to increase operator and...

A new dimension for Simon Davis at Soundnet

Coinslot Simon Davis Soundnet
As Soundnet revels in the launch of its parent company’s Playdium jukebox, director Simon Davis discusses how being part of the larger TouchTunes family has helped the company grow and what we should look forward to in 2017.   Coinslot Review: What trends have you noticed in the kind of music that's popular with jukebox and BGM customers during 2016? Simon...

New Commercial Director at TouchTunes

2507-people-nick hardy touchtunes playdium
TouchTunes names industry veteran Nick Hardy as new Commercial Director for Europe.   TouchTunes, the world’s largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform with 75,000 social venues globally, has named Nick Hardy as its new Commercial Director for Europe. Based in the company’s London office, Hardy will assume responsibility for TouchTunes’ European sales efforts and will drive growth of the company’s network...