Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Hopes are high for sustaining growth well into 2022, says Toby Hoyte, but ‘no more closures or lockdowns’

Toby Hoyte Soundnet TouchTunes 2021 review
With jukebox levels on track with March 2020 and a ‘fantastic’ 100 Angelina order at ACOS, a new V5 kit launched, it’s been a pretty hectic return to action for Soundnet TouchTunes. Toby Hoyte talks us through all these milestones plus the prospect of a new face at EAG and ‘new responsibilities’ for the man himself.

Our most important task is to ensure we can supply the jukes as easily as possible for the customer … I think we have done this

Toby Hoyte Soundnet TouchTunes
For Toby Hoyte at Soundnet TouchTunes lockdown, for all its ills, provided a unique opportunity for positive action. He explains how the company has risen to the challenge and adapted for the better.

Robert Gibb’s My TouchTunes

Robert Gibb My TouchTunes
In one of the most revealing My TouchTunes yet, this selection includes classic slices of pop history amid an unforgettable ‘party piece’, and perhaps our..

Sound Leisure and Soundnet’s vision for 2020

Sound Leisure Soundnet
Sound Leisure have announced new Milestones In Music upgrade and contactless kits for Vhub and Milestone.