Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Scottish Government ignores concerns to vote in favour of Covid passport

Nicola Sturgeon Covid Passports
Scotland has ploughed ahead with Covid passports despite cross-party criticism and concerns from the hospitality sector, but will they follow English U-turn?

Hamley’s remove Lucky Slot toy following MP pressure

Toy company Hamley’s has caved into pressure from SNP MP Ronnie Cowan and suspended the sale of its Lucky Slot machine toy. The MP for Inverclyde wrote to the chief executive of Hamley’s after seeing the toy on sale in it’s Glasgow store, arguing that it risked “normalising” gambling. Rather than open itself up to any backlash, the toy company...

Edinburgh tourism tax plan challenged

A plan to tax tourists visiting Edinburgh that was previously announced by a council leader has been summarily dismissed by Scotland’s tourism secretary. Adam McVey, SNP leader of Edinburgh council, had said that a city-wide tourism levy was “ready for implementation” next year, a claim that has now been refuted by the national government’s Fiona Hyslop. She commented on Twitter: “So...