Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tag: small business

Stride to Sunak: don’t stop ironing relief kinks

Treasury select committee
The chair of the Treasury select committee has called for chancellor Rishi Sunak to “iron out” deficiencies in the government’s relief measures for small businesses - arguing that “some people have slipped through the net.”

Seaside towns gathering steam, but will small business owners survive?

Politicians are finally beginning to realise the potential of revitalising seaside towns, but will small business owners such as Mark Miller in Whitby be tolerant enough to stick around for the results? Patience, and profit margins, are certainly wearing thin. “Eventually the government will realise the value of our seaside towns,”says Mark Miller, owner of Millers Amusements in Whitby, with...

Energy price cap could impact coin op business

Coinslot - Energy price rates coin op
Small businesses in the regional economy, including AGCs, FECs and piers, are feared to bear the cost of protecting households through an energy price cap, as warnings mount that the scheme could backfire.   The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) wants the protection to be extended to smaller businesses, which it says would otherwise be hit by price rises to subsidise...