Friday, January 28, 2022

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New plans unveiled for Skegness Sky Pier

Coinslot Skegness Pier
A brand new leisure complex in Skegness could be getting an expansion before it is even fully built according to plans from the site’s owners. The Sky Pier, a four storey leisure location on Grand Parade was first approved by East Lindsey District Council in 2010 and is still only partially built. It has been revealed that owner Taj Bola...

Hero passer-bys douse flames on Skegness Pier

Coinslot -Skegness Pier flames
Two impromptu heroes leapt into action after they spotted flames emanating from a neon sign at an arcade on Skegness pier.   According to a local paper, Carl Wood and his friend Ben Cairns were driving into Skegness when they saw fire, wherein the pair promptly stopped and rushed into the arcade. “We saw the smoke and flames. The neon light was...