Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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A new dimension for Simon Davis at Soundnet

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As Soundnet revels in the launch of its parent company’s Playdium jukebox, director Simon Davis discusses how being part of the larger TouchTunes family has helped the company grow and what we should look forward to in 2017.   Coinslot Review: What trends have you noticed in the kind of music that's popular with jukebox and BGM customers during 2016? Simon...

Music success ‘on demand’

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The brave new world of music consumption has well and truly arrived. Soundnet’s Simon Davis explains how the new company’s strategy and the new Playdium jukebox is well positioned to take advantage of this new paradigm.   The primary demographic for jukeboxes has changed dramatically over the past five years, as the young people who frequent pubs and bars where jukeboxes...

Soundnet: Game changing Playdium is the industry’s smartest box

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The very first TouchTunes machine to be officially release in the UK continues to make waves across the county with both operators and consumers. TouchTunes is celebrating  ‘an enthusiastic and highly positive response’ to the launch of its Playdium  jukebox, which was unveiled to leading operators by TouchTunes CEO Charles Goldstuck, European managing director, Alan Newham, Simon Davis of Soundnet...

Touchtunes’ commitment to R&D – helping shape the future of the jukebox ecosystem

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With a keen eye on how people’s music tastes and habits are changing, Soundnet director, Simon Davis, explains how parent company TouchTunes’ commitment to R&D is helping shape the future of the jukebox ecosystem. “It’s absolutely essential to integrate music systems with apps and other mobile technology. In the very near future customers will expect to control the music in...

Playdium makes dazzling UK debut at Stamford Bridge

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Playdium, the smart jukebox which is widely regarded by US operators as representing the ‘next generation’ entertainment platform, was unveiled to an audience of UK operators at last week’s Autumn Coin-Op Show (ACOS), held at the home of Chelsea Football Club. The official UK launch was attended by many of the UK’s leading music operators and hosted by TouchTunes Chairman...

Music heavyweights to launch ground-breaking jukebox initiative at ACOS

Coinslot Jukebox Playdium Soundnet
The forthcoming Autumn Coin-Op Show (ACOS), will serve as the backdrop for a major new partnership designed to reinvigorate the UK jukebox sector. The initiative will see Sound Leisure, Soundnet and TouchTunes, the world leader in digital jukebox technology, join forces to market the TouchTunes Playdium jukebox in the UK. The partnership will be officially launched at ACOS by TouchTunes Chairman...