Sunday, January 23, 2022

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‘Fantastic’ return for Hull Fair

Hull Fair success
The Yorkshire Section of the Showmen’s Guild celebrated the successful return of Hull Fair last week, as rides and attractions began the journey home on Friday after eight “fantastic” days for several thousands of people at the MKM Stadium.

Government determined to honour July 19 Covid relaxation promise

Sajid Javid freedom day July 19
The government has gone as far as it could to reassure the public that it will make good on its promise to remove Covid-restrictions on ‘freedom day’, albeit with caveats and some messy rules still to resolve.

Showmen’s Guild assesses “positive” ERP report but “we have customers; we just need clarity, council confidence and more staff”

Showmens Guild assess Event Research Programme Report
Following the release of the initial Event Research Programme report, the Showmen’s Guild has assessed the findings of Phase One as “positive, but fairly inconclusive.”

On form: Showmen recognised on school enrolment

Showmen recognised Future 4 Fairgrounds
Future 4 Fairgrounds has celebrated the inclusion of Showman as an ethnic identity on a number of school enrolment forms in England, hailing the move as “a milestone moment.”

Freedom day delay: The Showmen’s perspective

fairs Philip Paris Showmen's Guild of Great Britain
It hasn’t been easy for showmen over the past months with local authorities reticent to open fairs. With only 400 staged in the last eight weeks, an extremely low rate against 10,000 normally held each year, the Showmen’s Guild remain concerned.

Fairs are back on the government roadmap, but some roads continue to be closed by local councils

Beaconsfield Charter Fair traveling fairs
The roll-out of the government’s roadmap to recovery has come under some attack this past week, with confusion over travelling rules both internationally and closer to home in Bolton. Whether it’s confusion, or as some have suggested bigotry, there are local councils which continue to block the return of travelling fairs. On paper that’s changed; in practice, there’s still some work to be done.

Showmen’s Guild successfully pilots Covid-secure fair

Showmens Guild Beaconsfield pilot event
While its the 150th fair to take place since restrictions eased up on 12 April, the Showmen’s Guild’s 752nd annual event in Beaconsfield represented the first street fair since the end of lockdown and acted as a pilot event for more to follow, with 112 fairs planned for this summer.

Showmen win National Census recognition

Census Showpeople
Following a lengthy campaign by the SGGB, Showmen and Showwomen are to be included as ethnic identity options on the 2021 Census, marking a significant step forward for the Show community’s representation in official policy making.

Huddleston to Showmen’s Guild: We hear you loud and clear

Showmen's Guild Zoom call Nigel Huddleston DCMS
A meeting between the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain and DCMS undersecretary Nigel Huddleston ended in a pledge that the department would continue to press for increased financial support and recognition for showmen put out of work by the pandemic

North east Showmen bring plight to TV

Showmen fears come true
Showmen in the north east have told ITV News that “all our fears have come true” as part of a 25 November feature on the current plight of travelling funfairs in the region.

Yorkshire’s showmen keep spirit of Hull Fair alive despite Covid cancellation

Hull Fair
The Yorkshire Section of the Showman’s Guild honoured the 800-year old charter of Hull Fair with a flying chair ride in Queen’s Square this week, despite the event being cancelled for the first time since WWII due to coronavirus.

UK and European showmen still fighting side-by-side, 40 years on

Showmen The Worlds Fair issue
Forty years on from a historic meeting between members of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain and the European Showmen’s Union (ESU), a letter of support has been sent from the European campaign group to their UK equivalents - pledging cross-Channel solidarity through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Showmen secure parliamentary consultation on Red Diesel

Showmen parliamentary consultation red diesel
The Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain secured the support of Margaret Ferrier MP in calling for the Red Diesel tax rebate to be extended to the showmen community, following the removal of entitlements announced in the Budget.

Showmen’s Guild offers rule changes following CMA concerns

Coin slot guild
The Showmen’s Guild has taken constructive steps following dialogue with the Competition and Markets Authority, agreeing to alter its carnival rulebook to meet competition concerns.   Responding to the CMA’s suggestion back in December that the showmen’s rules were hindering competition, the 2,000 member-strong association has announced plans to revise its rules as well as updating its manifesto to allow customers...