Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Victory: Feltham showmen won’t be re-housed, says council

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It’s a happy conclusion for Feltham showmen fighting construction of new housing development by Hounslow Council - after legislators announced their homes were safe...for now. For over a year the showmen community in Feltham has been waging an uphill battle. The west London suburb has been home to showpeople since 1905 - after a group of families put down roots in...

Showman museum plans hindered by council

A man with strong family ties to the showman industry is attempting to open a museum to celebrate the history and traditions behind the culture. Mick White, based near Bassingthorpe in Lincolnshire, claimed it has been a lifelong dream to open a working museum, a project which at present is being hamstrung by business rates valuations. “My ambition is to open...