Friday, May 27, 2022

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UK braces for fresh supply chain issues

UK Shipping supply chain issues
While there had been hopes that 2022 would see the easing of the UK’s supply chain woes, the ongoing impact of the shipping crisis, disruption due to the pandemic and a two week Chinese holiday interruption, will see the situation likely to drag on into the first half of this year.

TouchTunes defy global shipping challenges as stock levels remain high

Angelina jukebox Soundnet TouchTunes
TouchTunes Soundnet have confirmed that stock levels for its popular Angelina jukebox remain ‘high’ in spite of the current shipping crisis.

From Disney’s Lightyear to what will be a ‘fantastic’ new year: it’s now cameras, lights and action from here on for Whitehouse

Phil Setter Whitehouse Leisure
When you see big movies next year, think Whitehouse Leisure - they’ve got a huge range of licensing deals for “big global brands” including Disney’s Lightyear. Jurassic World 3 and E.T. Phil Setter is clearly optimistic about the year ahead with his plush and redemption ranges selling rapidly.

Electrocoin uses all its skill to bring Skill Shooters to the UK

Electrocoin Skill Shooter redemption ACOS 21 Stergides
There’s a real buzz around Electrocoin at the moment as the company makes its mark in the redemption sector with its current market leader Skill Shooter. John Stergides sr talks to Coinslot about the company’s latest delivery of machines and why the industry veteran is on the pioneering trail once again.

Imported goods set for inflation as shipping prices soar

import freight costs soar supply chain
The head of a large UK logistics and maritime services group has warned that unsustainable shipping costs are set to filter down the supply chain throughout the end of 2021 - unless the government intervenes.

‘Unfortunately..we will be increasing our general rates by 10.6 percent”

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines shipping container crisis
It’s the industry equivalent to a Dear John letter, except the relationship isn’t technically over, it’s just much more expensive to continue.

Supply and demand: Industry argues no supply equals huge demand…but on the government to step in to support supply chain

Felixstowe shipping containers supply chain
Thanks to Covid, the supply chain’s fortunes are like watching people bailing water out of a boat full of holes. Apt then that it’s actually the shipping industry that’s presently punching even bigger holes in a sector struggling to get back into action as lockdown loosens.

Stergides: Government needs to lend its support during the container crisis

Shipping Container Crisis John Stergides Electrocoin
Electrocoin’s John Stergides has been in the industry long enough to recognise a crisis, and the shipping container troubles is a crisis sailing right towards the UK’s ports. But, he says, the government can help calm the waters.

International shipping crisis poses serious threat to amusements game supplies

International Shipping crisis
As if the supply chain hasn’t been hit hard enough, news this week of shipping delays increasing into months and container costs trebling has added further fears to the stability of the sector. The prospect of extended delays for new machines coming into the country and an increase in prices is now a serious concern to the distribution line, and one which could possibly run through to the end of the year.