Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Tag: shipping crisis

Sky Riders, Nitro Speed and Toy Box Crane to headline UDC’s ACOS stand

Jonathan Lauder Sales Director UDC
In potentially limited availability due to the global shipping crisis, UDC’s new video games Sky Riders and Nitro Speed will be at the top of many attendee lists for an early preview at this year’s ACOS, with sales director Jonathan Lauder emphasising the great feedback they have received from operators so far.

Shipping crisis: Where America leads, will Europe follow?

Shipping port John Stergides Supply Chain
There’s nothing like a good news story, and this one is nothing like a good news story. Electrocoin’s John Stergides continues to monitor the choppy waters of the global shipping crisis and its impact on the supply chain. And whilst he’s not going overboard, he’s desperate for someone to throw the industry a life buoy.

Crunchie time: Rising costs of consumables threaten profit share balance on vending machines

Ian Eason Instance Automatics vending vend prices
It’s far from a perfect storm, but the supply chain is certainly facing one. Increasing costs are on the way and that means a rise in vending machine product prices. That in turn will mean an increase in vend prices for consumers, and you get the picture. Ian Eason thinks more £2 coins will provide a viable solution - but that, it seems, is easier said than done.