Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Tag: Sela Group

Leisure Engineering confident of success for evergreen rides

Coinslot Leisure Engineering
Leisure Engineering’s Bill Hammett is confident that the company’s battery-operated children’s rides will continue to be as popular as ever in 2017, and that their enduring appeal sets the company in good stead for continued success. The family run business has been supplying and maintaining children’s rides for more than 20 years and Hammett believes the market will always be...

Next generation creates the next generation of battery cars

Coinslot Leisure Engineering Battery Cars
Family-managed business Sela Group continues to provide high quality battery cars to stand the test of time and to be enjoyed by the next generation of children. Leisure Engineering will be driving this message home at EAG. The company Sela Group srl. was launched by two De Carlo cousins Gerardo and Donato, producing battery cars for over 40 years and...