Friday, May 20, 2022

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Sega Total Solutions: Stronger Together

Sega Total Solutions ACOS 201
ACOS represented the first time that Sega Total Solutions - the combination of Sega prize and spares divisions - had exhibited as a single entity, something that despite..

Presenting the total solution

Sega Total Solutions Thomas 3004
ACOS will mark the debut of Sega Total Solutions - the result of a merger between the company’s already-renowned prize and spares divisions.

“The one thing that this industry does best is evolve”

Peter Murphy Sega Total Solutions
Ahead of ACOS Peter Murphy, general manager, Sega Total Solutions, comments on the opportunities and challenges facing the industry

Sega prepares an epic line-up for London

Popular video game development company, Sega, has another strong line-up of games in store for the upcoming year. One stand-out for this year’s EAG will be the 8-player Daytona Championship USA. With a strong line-up of tried and tested games Sega will show thirteen new games, as well as nine established hit games. The company will have products in every major...