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Interactive, social, timeless

Lester Tavasso Sega Amusements
The ability to offer players an interactive, social experience has been a key facet of redemption’s growth to date, and will remain so argues Sega..

SEGA celebrates successful IAAPA

sega iaapa
SEGA’s stellar line-up of games have hit the spot, according to visitor’s reaction to the company’s recent IAAPA show. Sega games across all major genres from video, merchandise and redemption were exceptionally well received at IAAPA, the company states. Games such as MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ARCADE, Shoot It Win It and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Arcade Edition...

SEGA announces launch of Mission: Impossible Arcade

Mission Impossible Cabinet
SEGA will be launching Mission: Impossible Arcade - its latest high-profile licensed product - at the upcoming IAAPA Expo. SEGA is renowned for manufacturing highly profitable arcade games such as House of The Dead, Daytona, Lets Go Island and Transformers, now with MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ARCADE, based on the iconic Paramount Pictures franchise, SEGA brings one of the most influential, action-packed...

SEGA’s ATV Slam racing ahead

atv slam
ATV Slam is the latest video racing game from renowned game developer and manufacturer SEGA and offers players a whole new level of immersive video gaming. ATV Slam aims to take arcade racing to a whole new level with a combination of cutting edge technology and custom features - giving players the most realistic ATV experience available. The four-player game is...

SEGA announces departmental merger

Sega Amusements International has announced the merger of its prize and technical solutions departments. Sega Amusements International (SAI), has announced the merger of Sega Prize International (SPI) with Sega Total Solutions (STS). A move which has created an all-encompassing, one-stop solution for all customer needs. The combined wealth of experience and expertise from these two departments under the one STS...

Esports tipped for FEC future

Esports, FEC, Bacta AGM Tech Panel, sega
The Bacta AGM Tech Panel concluded that esports could be the next big thing’ on the horizon for FECs, with all five panelists in agreement about its potential. “Last year 35 million people watched a tournament of people gaming on a console,” explained Trevor Sutton, leisure equipment controller at Namco. “Who’s to say there is not a link there, somewhere,...

SEGA debuts new Transformers video game

SEGA unveiled its latest action adventure game TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising at Amusements Expo International.   “There was huge buzz and excitement as keen visitors queued to experience the epic new game TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising and SEGA’s other latest, high earning games,” the company claimed. TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising is the follow up to the Human Alliance edition and features iconic locations from all...

SEGA reports resounding success at EAG

Europe’s biggest amusement show the EAG Expo was a “resounding success” for Sega Amusements International, the company reported.   Having made what general manager Justin Burke calls “our biggest and most theatrical display of games during the show’s history, we are delighted with the outcome on all fronts”, games from all amusement genres were exhibited and also on the stand was...

Sega reports successful IAAPA, takes home award

  Sega Amusements has reported a successful IAAPA show and won an award for its Daytona Champion USA.   The product won the Prestigious Brass Ring Award for Best New Product in the Arcade & Video Games Category. CEO Paul Williams said: “We are delighted by the award and humbled by the industry’s recognition for our innovation and the quality of entertainment...

Sega launches “How To” videos for Daytona Championship USA

Sega Amusements are now adding tutorial “How To” videos for operators using their products.   The first set of videos are for Sega’s  Daytona Championship USA, which the company says is its “most customisable video game, allowing operators a lot of freedom to customise the game to suit their location.” Justin Burke, general manager at Sega, explained: “Daytona is packed with...

EAG 2017 report: Sega – A race to the top

Coinslot Sega Justin Burke Daytona
While redemption remained a very strong component of Sega’s offering at EAG this year, it was clear that this was one of the businesses leading the charge on the revival of video. The big headlines before the show were Daytona and Sega’s Justin Burke revealed that the Japanese veterans have not tinkered with a winning formula.   "Daytona’s part of our DNA,...

Sega prepares an epic line-up for London

Popular video game development company, Sega, has another strong line-up of games in store for the upcoming year. One stand-out for this year’s EAG will be the 8-player Daytona Championship USA. With a strong line-up of tried and tested games Sega will show thirteen new games, as well as nine established hit games. The company will have products in every major...

Daytona set to return with eye-catching new cabinet and a raft of improved features

Coinslot Daytona Sega
Daytona is returning to arcades, as Sega prepares to revive one of its best love racing franchises with an eye-catching new cabinet and a raft of improved features. Sega has announced that it is to relaunch a much-loved arcade classic in the form of Daytona 3 Championship USA. This new entry in the video racing series that first debuted in...