Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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SG Gaming: Keeping ahead of the curve

Rick Mountney, UK director of content development at SG Gaming comments on the latest trends in the sector. The digital gaming market is one of the most progressive sectors of the market at present and as a result the need to stay on the forefront of it is especially pertinent for content creators. As a result the onus is on...

Clacton pier reopens following installation

Clacton Pier
Clacton Pier has reopened following the successful installation of a £75,000 power transformer, replacing an existing system that had been in place since the 1930s.   Work was originally expected to see the pier close for close to a week but was completed within two working days. Pier director, Billy Ball commented that the down time allowed for other improvements: “Our electrical...

Mumbles highlights the year of the Fidget Spinner

Coinslot - Mumbles Pier Fidget Spinner ameco
Mumbles Pier has reported that one particular redemption prize is in demand more than any other - a trend that appears consistent throughout the UK’s seaside resorts.   The seaside sector’s most sought after prize of the season looks to be already decided - and the winner? The fidget spinner. Out of nowhere, off the back of a patent that expired...

June a boon for operators across industry

Coinslot Operators June
With Easter and May’s bank holidays over, and summer holidays not yet begun, June is traditionally a quiet month for the amusements industry. But with 2017’s tourism boom, operators saw an unusual uptick in footfall last month.   Operators across the country saw a better-than-expected June this year, thanks to rising local tourism numbers and warm weather. “June was really good, better...

In the summertime, where the sector’s fine?

bacta Coinslot - Pound Brexit Seaside UK staycation sector's sector's
The busy season is coming and Edward Lowoton discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the seaside sector's future.   Operators may tire of buzz words like ‘staycation’, but like many Brits this summer, it doesn’t seem to be flying-off anytime soon. Indeed, a recent coastal critique in Coinslot's Summer Supplement raises several talking points for the sector's season ahead,...