Friday, December 3, 2021

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Government must “protect and and then rebuild” coastal towns

Mark Gregory Seaside town regeneration
“There is an urgent requirement for an initiative to protect and then rebuild our coastal towns” during and following the current pandemic, according to Earnst & Young chief economist Mark Gregory. Seaside regeneration is moving rapidly up the list of priorities.

“The Great British Coast has enormous potential”

James Brokenshire Lords Select Committee Seaside towns Regeneration
In his response to a report from the House of Lords Select Committee on Regenerating Seaside Towns and Communities, communities secretary James Brokenshire

Siding with the seaside

Bacta Seaside regeneration
Bacta are packing their cases and heading off to the seaside to run a lobbying campaign that persuades government to invest in coastal economies. Ken Scott

Breathing new life into our beloved British seaside

Trade body Bacta has stepped up its campaign for seaside regeneration, placing the amusements sector at the very heart of the coastal economy...

Government rejects House of Lords’ seaside resort recommendations

Tourism Government rejects recommendations
The government has rejected another call for a reduced rate of VAT for British tourism businesses that was amongst a raft of recommendations aimed at boosting seaside resorts

Balppa keen to see industry input to seaside regeneration review

The leisure industry’s trade body, Balppa, has welcomed Parliament’s decision to form a select committee to examine the state of Britain’s seaside resorts. Unveiled by the Lords only last week, Balppa chief Paul Kelly was quick to respond to the initiative, identifying the committee as a key step forward in regenerating the UK’s coast. “I was pleased to see that the...