Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tag: seaside lockdown

Watched from above: Portsmouth Council hires drone to spy on seafrontgoers

Portsmouth drone surveillance
Things were getting decidedly Orwellian at the seaside in Portsmouth this weekend, as the local council deployed an aerial drone in order to gather surveillance of people daring to take a walk along the seafront.

Three tiers and an industry locked down in all but name

Three Tier Industry lockdown Boris Johnson hospitality
The hospitality and leisure sector seems to have lost patience with what one social posting described as Boris’ bull. And in fairness, this week’s Covid-19 Winter Plan, unveiled by the Prime Minister, did not go down well with an industry that’s spent most of 2020 closed and faces the Christmas to Easter period under threat of closure as it dances around the government’s coronavirus tiers. For amusements and gaming businesses, they’re facing tough decisions and great hardship during another missed key selling season; industry figures offer their take on the PM’s plan.

Seaside lockdown: Don’t come, urge coastal hubs

Empty Brighton seaside lockdown
Perhaps for the very first time, some of Britain’s most popular seaside towns are actively encouraging tourists not to visit.