Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Tag: Seagulls

Mediawatch: Santa, Seagulls and Peter Crouch

Mediawatch, Christmas, Santa, Seagulls and Peter Crouch
We at Mediawatch are finding it ever harder to type with the sheer amount of mince pie crumbs clogging up our keyboards but we persevere. Wiping the sugar dusting all over our jeans and cracking our knuckles we have constructed a tale of santas, seagulls and er, Peter Crouch. Fresh from roasting our chestnuts over an open fire and the...

Devon beset by Hitchcockian avian assault

Coinslot - Devon birds
Devon council are stepping into the fray in an attempt to save the area from a Hitchcock-esque nightmare following a number of bird attacks.   Not quite your classic movie hero trope, the district council of east Devon, which includes the popular Exmouth and Sidmouth resorts is introducing a £80 fine to ward off people feeding seagulls. The pecuniary matter comes as...