Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Scott Benton MP : “We have been shocked by…the sheer scale and severity of evidence that has been submitted to us”

Scott Benton MP
The Gambling Commission is incompetent and a bully. That’s the message coming out of the all-party parliamentary group for betting and gaming.

From rave to the grave: Blackpool becomes ghost town as it enters Tier Three lockdown

Blackpool tourism Tier 3 lockdown
One seaside resort surfing so many waves in such a short space of time. Last week saw Blackpool’s tide ride out to sea as the government smacked the resort down with crushing Tier 3 Covid lockdown. Coinslot reports on how the jewel of north west tourism is coping following a diktat from Westminster and a good kicking from Nicola Sturgeon.

Blackpool positive for its post-Brexit future

Blackpool positive future post brexit
Nearly four years on from its decision to leave the EU, business and politics stakeholders in Blackpool remain optimistic for Britain’s brave new world..