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Pubs are in the firing line as Nicola Sturgeon looks to extend Scotland’s vaccine passport rules

Scottish hospitalility covid
The Scottish Government has produced no evidence to show that limiting the hospitality sector is leading to reduced rates of Covid infection, in fact, UKHospitality Scotland believes the opposite is true as people socialise at home, away from well-run businesses and in confined spaces.

Joseph Cullis: “Machine suppliers have seen income drop again by over 30 percent with the introduction of table service in pubs and with no financial support, face even more...

Jospeh Cullis Machine Suppliers have seen income drop again
With business rates in Scotland set to increase from 50 percent to 100 percent from July 2022, Joseph Cullis, Scottish regional chairman at Bacta, is looking forward to speaking with cabinet secretary for finance Kate Forbes about why rates relief should follow suit with the nation’s southerly neighbours. The economic fall-out from the Scottish Government’s Omicron measures provide a desperate reason why more support is needed.

A disunited kingdom: The frustrations of a principality

disgruntled kingdom - frustrations of a principality
With the respective governments of Wales, Scotland and England all going their own ways in their response to the wildfire spread of Omicron, members of Bacta have found themselves operating under different rules from one another based on which third of Britain their business calls home.

Covid certification extension in Scotland could see more than 75 percent of hospitality businesses close, claims research

hospitality scotland covid certification
The hospitality sector in Scotland has issued a stark warning about the impact of extending vaccine certification as UKHospitality Cymru issues cautious welcome to the mood music coming out of the Senedd.

UKHospitality Scotland warns against expansion of COVID passports

Scotland hospitality warns against expansion covid passports
Don’t kick the night time economy when’s it down is the plea coming out of Scotland’s leading hospitality body.

UKHospitality Scotland urges Holyrood Government to extend Business Rate Relief

UK Hospitality Scotland urges extention Business Rates Relief
The Scottish hospitality sector is looking south of the border and wants a similar response to discounted business rates.

Scottish Government ignores concerns to vote in favour of Covid passport

Nicola Sturgeon Covid Passports
Scotland has ploughed ahead with Covid passports despite cross-party criticism and concerns from the hospitality sector, but will they follow English U-turn?

“We can’t afford to make one mistake”: Scottish soft play reopens but with hard rules

Scotland Soft Play reopens but with rules
Scottish soft play operators have criticised the “bizarre” decision making of the government regarding the sector, as indoor play venues are finally given permission to reopen.

Scottish soft play sector calls for fair treatment

Soft Play sector Scotland
Members of Scotland’s soft play sector are currently consulting lawyers over a potential judicial review in order to challenge the alleged lack of evidence for keeping centres closed.

It’s time for the industry to cash in

Joseph Cullis Time for the industry to cash in
Coinslot talks to Joseph Cullis, chairman of Bacta’s Division 1 and the association’s Scottish Regional Chair about the challenges facing the industry over the coming year.

Scottish venues snookered by June 24 reopening

Scotland snooker venues baffled
Pool and snooker venues across Scotland have branded the decision by the Scottish government to delay reopening venues until 7 June - three weeks after other indoor leisure businesses - as “absolutely silly.”

More questions than answers as Scotland sets the date

Nicola Sturgeon Scotland AGCs lockdown reopening
Scotland will release AGCs from lockdown on May 17, in line with their English counterparts. But questions still remain, and not just north of the border; down south siting Cat D machines on forecourts has become a subject of keen interest.

Scottish bingo clubs receive £50,000 funding lifeline

Scottish bingo clubs receive £50,000 funding lifeline
After a well-orchestrated campaign by the Bingo Association, independent bingo operators in Scotland will finally get the same financial support as similar hospitality businesses across the country.

Bacta calls on Scottish Government to support excluded suppliers

Bacta call on Scottish Government support excluded suppliers
Bacta are calling on the Scottish Government to provide increased support to assist the country’s amusement industry.

Scottish MSPs hail £1.5m Showmen funding package

Showmen funding package Scottish MSPs
The Scottish Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation has hailed the £1.5m package awarded to Scottish Showmen, praising the hard work and dedication of the SGGB’s Scottish Section.

Bingo Association puts pressure on Scottish government

bingo association scotland player petition
The Bingo Association has called on members to write to Nicola Sturgeon in order to keep bingo halls open, noting that one in ten club members can’t imagine life without bingo.

Cohesive confusion: Wales re-opens whilst England and Scotland tightens reins

lockdown restrictions England Wales Scotland
Continuing on its saga of devolved daftness, Wales has now come out of lockdown, enabling adult gaming centres in the principality to reopen, whilst the entire nation of England technically remains locked up until the end of the month, and Scotland has added three more councils to its tier 3 resulting in more AGCs closing up.

Bacta battles Scottish government for arcade clarity

Scottish arcade clarity legislation call
Scottish amusement arcades were thrown into confusion on 30 October, as the government published legislation forbidding their operation under new Level Two measures, despite previously stating they could remain open.

Lock-mess: Scotland locked down in all but name

Nicola Sturgeon Scotland hospitality lockdown
Scotland’s hospitality sector needed more draconian Covid measures like a hole in the head. Instead, many businesses suggest Nicola Sturgeon has misfired with a killshot right through the heart of the wide based industry.

Government’s new Covid-19 restrictions leave operators scratching their heads

Track and trace
A new raft of restrictions supposedly in service of preventing the spread of Coronavirus have demonstrated their irrelevance in how bewildering and unenforceable they are.

Scotland confirms indicative date of 24 August for arcades to re-open

Scotland AGCs FECs Arcades re-opening
The Scottish Government gave separate consideration in its review this week to the case of AGCs, FECs, and machines in pubs and bookmakers. Instead of re-opening, they were given a door slammed in their face until 24 August. The industry is distraught.

“Scotland’s Theme Park” back in business

Scotland theme park
Scotland’s only major theme park has been resuscitated out of administration by what appears to be a new generation of the park’s former owner’s family.

Scottish FECs set for “conditional” July re-opening

Scottish FECs AGCs could open July
Scottish arcades and FECs may be able to return to business on 15 July, subject to the success of wider measures to facilitate a restart to the country’s tourism industry.

M&D defend asset purchase of collapsed company

M&D Lochview Theme Park new company
The directors of M&D Leisure have defended their decision to purchase part of the collapsed amusement park firm through a newly established company as “the best option” for the future.

“Scotland’s Theme Park” goes into administration

Scotland theme park closes
The list of economic victims of the coronavirus shutdown grew yet further last week, with the sad news that Scotland’s largest theme park had been forced into administration.

Scotland’s Funfairs Licensing Bill set to benefit travelling showmen

funfair licensing scotland
A new Bill proposed by Scottish Parliament to unify funfair licensing fees could prove a welcome boost to the country’s showmen community, a move enthusiastically welcomed by the Scottish Showmen’s Guild.

MSP warns of Brexit effect on Scottish gaming industry

MSP warns of Brexit
Scotland’s further education minister Richard Lochhead has warned “any kind of Brexit” would be detrimental to Dundee’s thriving games technology market..

Lightning strikes at Sims’ 50th

Sims Automatics, NSM Music, Scotland, jukebox, operator, gaming, amusement
Sims Automatics, Scotland’s largest independent operator of gaming and amusement equipment, and NSM Music, the UK’s leading jukebox manufacturer are uniting in celebration of two impressive milestones. 1969 might have been all about flower power, but it’s Glasgow-based Sims Automatics who have shown real staying power over the last 50 years - and this month installed their 500th NSM Music...

Asian-themed “kitchen disco” with a little bit of retro arcade action

pubs, tw
The British pub continues to evolve in increasingly specific form - as demonstrated by the latest project taken on by two burgeoning Scottish pub entrepreneurs. Kevin Bowie and Stephen Warisito jointly own TW Pubs, whose most recent venture is take charge of two new leases from Hawthorne Leisure: one of which has been transformed into an Asian-themed drinking hole. The pair,...

Plans for second Slot Leisure outlet in Dundee

Dundee, AGC, Slot Leisure
Dundee AGC operator has submitted plans to local councillors for a second location in the city. Slot Leisure already run a location in the town’s Kellier shopping centre, but have stated their intent to open up another outlet in nearby Reform street. Such a move would make Slot Leisure the sole amusement arcade on Reform street-which once played host to Booth’s...