Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Tag: Scarborough Council

Corrigan and Chapman to take stand against “unfair” tourism tax

Corrigan and Chapman to take stand against 'unfair' tourism tax
Only some of the businesses with taxes owed to the Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District are being chased for payment, but that list includes operators James Corrigan and Eddy Chapman, who are prepared to go to court to see that justice prevails.

Flamingo Land withdraws seafront application stating it “will not work with Scarborough Council”

Flamingo Land regeneration of Futurist Theatre Scarborough seafront
Flamingo Land has withdrawn its planning application for Scarborough seafront, stating it will not work with Scarborough Council “as it is currently structured.”

Shipley Estates receives approval for Scarborough AGC

Scarborough AGC planning approval
Scarborough Council has approved Shipley Estates’ plans for a new AGC in the town centre. With Shipley reassuring the council that the AGC would be “no noisier than a shop”, the project overcame objections from Scarborough’s Civic Society and a member of the public.

Scarborough Wheel approved amid Flamingo Land uncertainty

scarborough eye plans
Scarborough Council has stated that plans for the ‘Scarborough Eye’ could come to fruition before the start of the full summer season after “a number of

Whitby Piers: And yet another deadline missed for crucial repairs as ‘nothing going on yet’

Whitby Pier
Maintenance work may finally get underway on the piers in Whitby this autumn, but not after yet another broken promise from Scarborough Council. Long-delayed repair work to Whitby’s piers seems to have stalled yet further - with previously announced September start-date now pushed backed by several weeks. Earlier this year Scarborough Borough Council pledged that its £9m Whitby Piers Coast Protection...