Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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The Italian Job: Sidoli schemes to circumvent supply chain disruption

Paolo Sidoli supply chain importing
Just as Michael Caine schemed to export gold bullion from an armoured security truck, SB Machines’ Paolo Sidoli has his own “big job” at hand: to import his Italian-made children’s rides amid global supply chain disruption.

SB Machines’ Kangaroo Carousel and Wave Patrol stand out from the crowd at ACOS 2021

SB Machines Kangaroo Carousel ACOS
SB Machines is using ACOS 21 to showcase Kangaroo Carousel and the all new Wave Patrol among a stand of the best of Italian coin operated rides.

Wave Patrol: The children’s ride that easily earns its £2 per play

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines Wave Patrol £2 play
With artful aesthetic, varied sound affects and complex movements, Wave Patrol represents a new breed of children’s ride providing the high quality amusements experience that parents are willing to pay £2 per play for. Debuting the new ride at ACOS this month, SB Machines’ managing director Paolo Sidoli believes Wave Patrol will set down a new standard for the children’s ride market.

ACOS ready to return to action

ACOS show floor
It's only a matter of days until the coin-op industry gathers together for the first time since the middle of January 2020, and the ACOS organisers are looking forward to the prospect.

SB Machines’ Wave Patrol ready for ACOS debut

SB Machines Wave Patrol Childrens Ride
After months of hard work preparing its latest children’s ride, SB Machines has announced that Wave Patrol will be ready for exhibitors to see for the very first time at ACOS 21.

SB Machines to launch Wave Patrol at ACOS 2021

SB Machines Wave Patrol New Release
SB Machines has been assembling an exciting new launch ahead of ACOS 2021 in the form of Wave Patrol, a mini-wheel children’s ride that puts kids in the driving seat of a classic camper van.

Paolo Sidoli: The seaside sector is teeming with tourists, but short on staff

Porthcawl Paolo Sidoli SB Machines
Porthcawl is busier than it’s been since the 1980’s, according to resort stalwart Paolo Sidoli, managing director of SB Machines, who has had to take special measures to recruit and keep staff to service the 2021 summer boom.

Supply chain disruption affecting every corner of the industry

haulage supply chain problems
A perfect storm of Brexit teething problems and a quickly reawakening economy is causing bottlenecks in the supply chains of almost every sector that relies on logistics and physical product - from pints, to paper, to pub gaming machines. Coinslot looks at three announcements this week, all unrelated, but all very much connected to the a troubling question: are delays and price hikes an inevitability?

Your customers are willing to pay for quality this summer, says Paolo Sidoli

SB Machines Hot Air Balloon Kangaroo Up and Down Carousel Paolo Sidoli
As a distributor of Italian-made children’s rides that cost £2 per ride, SB Machines has seen its products bloom as the economy reopens and British holidaymakers flock to their favourite seaside resorts, with managing director Paolo Sidoli attributing the success to a pent up demand for high quality experiences.

‘Unfortunately..we will be increasing our general rates by 10.6 percent”

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines shipping container crisis
It’s the industry equivalent to a Dear John letter, except the relationship isn’t technically over, it’s just much more expensive to continue.

SB Machines: Rides must rise to the occasion this season

SB Machines Kiddie Rides Paolo Sidoli
With less than a month until amusements venues in Britain can reopen their doors and decorate their verandas with cranes and kiddie rides, SB Machines’ Paolo Sidoli spoke to Coinslot about his expectations for the summer ahead, and why quality will win out over quantity in what is predicted to be a bumper season

SB Machines launches three new children’s rides for 2021

SB Machines 2021 machines
SB Machines are getting ready for the industry’s reopening. And it’s an impressive return to action for the Porthcawl company with three new launches for the anticipated summer boom.

The industry needs an early return

Paolo Sidoli predicts good leisure year supply chain
It’s going to be a good year for the leisure sector, predicts SB Machines’ Paolo Sidoli with staycation forecasts signalling a Brit invasion on home shores. But the supply chain will need to be patient - it will take time for this buoyancy to filter through. All the more reason then, he argues, that support measures are available to supply businesses.

Brexit: ‘I do not see any positives here. If there are, I want someone to explain what good will come out of it’

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines Brexit
Paolo Sidoli: How will you look back on 2020? With astonishment. Astonished at how a virus brought the world to its knees. Astonished at how badly this..

Sidoli: Hospitality and leisure a casualty of the government’s balancing act

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines Hospitality Leisure
Managing director of SB Machines, Paolo Sidoli, takes a pragmatic view of the UK government’s Covid-19 response, acknowledging that while its restrictions have made an impact on case numbers, they have been inconsistent and brutal to many businesses, including many of his local customers in Welsh seaside resorts.

Sidoli on re-opening: Finding opportunity in adversity

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines
In optimising the number of children’s rides at any one site, Paolo Sidoli of SB Machines has prioritised quality over quantity in the face of pandemic guidelines.

Paolo Sidoli to industry: Look at the bright side

Paolo Sidoli
Perennial optimist Paolo Sidoli of SB Machines claims that a likely boom in domestic tourism can only help to reverse the amusement trade’s flagging fortunes.

“…the big change we are implementing is to alter the stubbornly traditional 9-5, Monday-Friday work pattern…”

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines lockdown tribute to bacta
Although we never closed and have always remained open, this period has allowed us to complete our repairs, refurbishment and preparation of on-site and off-site equipment much sooner than anticipated.

“It’s all about the quality” for SB Machines at EAG

SB Machines Carousel Paolo Sidoli
As quality in design and manufacture continues to prove the key factor for kiddie ride success, SB Machines is to return to EAG with a selection of some of its most appealing..

The price is right: SB Machines break pay-per-ride barrier with brand new range

SB Machines Carousel Paolo Sidoli
With SB Machines’ eye-catching new amusement rides proving a popular draw for visitors attending ACOS 2019, Coinslot spoke to managing director Paolo..

SB bringing its best to ACOS

SB Machines Unicorn Carousel Kangaroo lifting carousel
SB Machines is already preparing its portfolio of products for 2020, a selection of which will be on display at ACOS. Italresina's Kangaroo Carousel and..

SB Machines: Delivering the ultimate customer experience

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines ultimate customer experience
Ahead of both ACOS 2019 and the rapidly approaching new year, Paolo Sidoli comments on the drive for customer engagements, the changing cash landscape..

Deal or no deal, that is the question

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines Brexit
“We are one country, a united homogenous state, all facing the same issues, “ said a stoic Paolo Sidoli, as Coinslot bravely tried to press the brexit..

Buoyant, robust, innovative

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines Kiddie Rides
Paolo Sidoli, principal of SB Machines, comments on the innovation present through all aspects of the kiddie ride market and how a healthy spirit is..

A touch of Italian class

SB Machines, Paolo Sidoli, seaside, childrens rides, interview
SB Machines is renowned as a supplier of top quality children’s rides, sourced from the design capital of the world - Italy. For more than 25 years, the seaside amusement sector has been fundamental for the Porthcawl-based company. Paolo Sidoli, principal of SB Machines, said: “The seaside has always captured the imagination of the general public and improvements in facilities...

SB Machines: “Coastal operators are a key barometer for our industry”

SB Machines Paolo Sidoli Coastal Operators
The UK seaside amusement sector is one of the best in the world says Paolo Sidoli, principal at SB Machines, and it looks like the only way is up from here.

Sidoli: How the 90s changed children’s rides forever

SB Machines, Sidoli, children rides, britpop, technology
The last decade of the 20th century has become synonymous with technological advances, Britpop and the Y2K bug, but it’s also the era that sparked the transformations which still define the world of children’s rides to this day, according to Paolo Sidoli, managing director of the UK-based SB Machines. Discussing the manufacturing, technological and political advances of the time,...

SB Machines: Child’s Play!

Paolo-Sidoli, SB-Machines
As one year draws to a close, Coinslot caught up with Paolo Sidoli of SB Machines, to get his take on what lies in store for 2019. So, what are your objectives for 2019? Our aim is to launch certainly four and possibly five new rides for 2019, some of which we presented to the industry at ACOS in October. All...

SB Machines hail “new era” for children’s rides

scooby1 SB Machines
A new focus on destination family entertainment from leading arcades is giving the children’s rides sector a major boost, says SB Machines, the leading supplier of quality Italian rides to the UK and Ireland.   “We have been established for over a quarter of a century but this is one of the most exciting times for the company as customers...

Advancing the kiddie ride cash box with SB Machines

Coinslot - SB Machines Paolo Sidoli
SB Machines have earned their reputation as pioneers of the kiddie ride genre. Quarter of a century on, this status remains as high as ever with the company finding great success in Double Pony, the most simple yet enduringly popular product on the circuit.   SB Machines of Porthcawl, South Wales, can currently be considered as one of the premier suppliers...