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SB Machines hail “new era” for children’s rides

scooby1 SB Machines
A new focus on destination family entertainment from leading arcades is giving the children’s rides sector a major boost, says SB Machines, the leading supplier of quality Italian rides to the UK and Ireland.   “We have been established for over a quarter of a century but this is one of the most exciting times for the company as customers...

Advancing the kiddie ride cash box with SB Machines

Coinslot - SB Machines Paolo Sidoli
SB Machines have earned their reputation as pioneers of the kiddie ride genre. Quarter of a century on, this status remains as high as ever with the company finding great success in Double Pony, the most simple yet enduringly popular product on the circuit.   SB Machines of Porthcawl, South Wales, can currently be considered as one of the premier suppliers...

Providing variety and quality at the forefront of Burnham Pier

Coinslot - kiddie rides burnham pier
With a motorbike, a helicopter, a fire truck and a 4-seater spaceship, Burnham Pier proudly displays its variety of kiddie rides at the forefront of its arcade offering, much to visitor’s delight.   Perched stoutly over the Bristol Channel, the pier in Burnham-on-sea resides in Somerset’s family-orientated seaside resort, away from the 18-30 year old scene in Weston - making it...

Kiddie Rides: Reinvention of a classic market

Coinslot SB Machines Paolo Sidoli kiddie rides
Paolo Sidoli, principal of SB Machines, weighs in on the enduring popularity of kiddie rides, and how a concentration on technological advancements continues to make them a must-have.   Kiddie rides have been an everpresent of the British leisure industry for generations, offering steady cashbox returns and continual customer engagement. However, in recent times a focus on branding, technological advancements, and...

SB Machines: Raising the game in kiddie rides

Coinslot SB Machines Paolo Sidoli kiddie rides
SB Machine’s owner Paolo Sidoli discusses the buoyant state of the kiddie ride market, and how his company is raising the standard with high quality designs and the latest technologies.   What is the state of the kiddie ride market? We’ve noticed in recent years that there has been increased interest in kiddie rides from operators. However, what has happened over many...

Double Pony delivers strong start for SB Machines

Coinslot - SB Machines Double Pony
SB Machines experienced a positive start to 2017, reporting record breaking sales for the company’s Double Pony Express kiddie ride.   The company credits the increase to a bumper EAG, as well as a continued optimism in the coin-op sector. “Over the years we have seen some really special rides being introduced to the UK marketplace by ourselves and by our competitors...

New SB children’s rides enter the redemption marketplace

Coinslot - SB Machines Fairytale Princess
With redemption becoming increasing popular around the country, it’s no surprise to see innovative kiddie rides experts, SB Machines, entering the fray with a high quality blending of these two amusements staples.   The popularity of redemption in family entertainment centres has not gone unnoticed in the children’s ride sector. For several years manufacturers have adopted a ticket payout system on some...

Distribution is the key link in the chain, states Sidoli

Coinslot Distributor SB Machines Paolo Sidoli
What is the place of the distributor in an increasingly connected and technology powered marketplace? SB Machines’ Paolo Sidoli contends that the distribution link in the coinop chain is still vital to the health of the industry. As the UK coin-op sector continues to be impacted by the digital revolution and how digital connectivity affects our daily lives, some observers...

SB Machines: Made in Italy, for good reason

Coinslot SB Machines Firetruck
Paolo Sidoli, owner of SB Machines and veteran of the coin-operated ride business, talks up Made in Italy, and welcomes in prospects for another strong year. From Ferrari to Fiat, the Italians have a proud tradition of excellence in manufacturing. For Paolo Sidoli, owner of SB Machines, a dedicated supplier of Italian-only kiddies rides, coin-op is no exception. Poised on a...

SB Machines – Overcoming the £1 per play barrier

Coinslot SB Machines Firetruck
SB Machines of Porthcawl, leading suppliers of high quality coin operated rides in the UK and Ireland, has announced its new range of equipment for the 2017 season. Paolo Sidoli, principal of SB Machines, is enthused about the prospects for the year ahead. After all 2016 was a good year. He explained: “2016 has been very robust in the amusement sector...

How ‘Made in Italy’ has defined the UK ride market

Coinslot SB Machines Kiddie Rides
The history of UK kiddie rides is closely tied up with Italy, and few in the industry have a closer association with this relationship than sector veteran Paolo Sidoli. Modern Italian design is immediately associated with automobiles, fashion, furniture, interiors and lighting. But a history of beautifully hand-crafted coin-operated children's rides also stems from the country and Paolo Sidoli of...

Brief updates regarding amusement news

Coinslot, amusements
Penzance points to prizes Penzance’s Grand Casino Amusements has launched its latest monthly Facebook redemption competition. Players have until November 30 to post a picture with the highest ticket total won in the FEC for a chance to win a Star Wars lamp and Cake Splat board game. Magnificent 7’s Bell Fruit Games offers Magnificent 7’s, a Cat C game with a...