Saturday, January 22, 2022

Tag: Roll-A-Ball

Park Avenue 2022 Preview attracts visitors “from near and far” and the doors are staying open for an extended period

Park Avenue 2022 Preview
UDC and Electrocoin’s innovative Park Avenue 2022 Preview event welcomed guests from up and down the country to London last week, showcasing a “varied and exciting” selection of new products.

Roll-A-Ball rolls out UK’s largest Derby machine in Blackpool

Coinslot - Derby Roll a Ball UK
Lancashire-based Roll-A-Ball has just installed a 19-player Derby game into Coral Island in Blackpool, the largest of its kind in the world.   The new installation follows a recent addition of a 9-player Camel Derby game, which went into Butlins in Bognor – the first new Derby to go into a Butlins site in 18 years. The Derby game used to be...