Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Tag: Robert Jenrick

High street strategy: Councils encouraged to turn empty shops into entertainment venues

high streets regeneration
The government has launched a long-term plan for high streets that will allow councils to turn empty shops into entertainment venues, as well as a new ‘Hospitality Strategy’ to support the sector in its recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Future 4 Fairgrounds highlights licensing failures

Future 4 Fairgrounds
Future 4 Fairgrounds has warned many UK councils are still blocking funfairs from taking place, despite government regulation allowing their operation as of 12 April.

Instance denied discretionary grant due to “first come, first served” policy

Ian Eason Instance Automatics
The notion that the government is doing whatever it takes is failing under scrutiny. The government has indeed been throwing money at the local authorities, but they seem to be showing little if any judgement in dispersing it. That is the Instance Automatics experience.

Welcome Back Fund finds £6m pot for coastal areas

Bognor Seafront Welcome Back Fund
On the basis that something is better than nothing, Bacta has welcomed government support for the seaside but a £6m Welcome Back Fund really is a drop in the ocean.

Relaxation of laws means an extra 9,000 pubs could reopen

Brighton pubs beer outside
Communities Minister Robert Jenrick gets into the spirit of reopening by cutting marquee red tape as Marston’s look to serve punters in 700 English gardens.

Second time unlucky for Reflex Business Support Grant bid

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming business support grant supply chain
Despite having the support of the cabinet minister for local government, a faceless employee at Newark’s district council has yet again denied Reflex Gaming of any chance at business support funding.