Sunday, November 28, 2021


RLMS: Helping players drive the redemption experience

Tony Glanville
The redemption range from RLMS and Bulldog Games continues to increase in popularity up and down the country. Tony Glanville, MD of RLMS Sales, talks about maximising trends and how interactive play is the key for players of any age. What do you feel the hottest trends this year have been in the redemption machine market place? Tony Glanville: From our...

Bulldog sales will trigger £1,000 charity donation by RLMS

Bulldog Games RMLS
Visitors to next week’s Park Avenue Open Day from 5 - 7 June, will have the opportunity to trigger a £1,000 donation to the Bacta charity, Rays of Sunshine, courtesy of Bulldog Games’ exclusive distributor, RLMS Sales. The Bulldog range, comprising eight, six and four position Deal or No Deal and Monopoly, officially licensed pushers, have proved a huge hit...

Well dressed pushers can drive income by up to 30pc state RLMS

RMLS pushers
The value of having a well dressed pusher has been put into sharp focus with research undertaken by RLMS showing a substantial cash box lift, in some cases of up to 30 percent. The company,which has exclusive UK distribution rights to the Bulldog Games brand of pushers and redemption equipment launched to huge acclaim at January’s EAG, believe the skill...