Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Path to Play: The Gambling Commission to launch gambler perspectives study

Gambling Commission Path to Play
The Gambling Commission is launching a new survey methodology to develop a more nuanced and personalised picture of what gamblers experience between cashing in and cashing out. More intrusion by the regulator into people’s lifestyles? It certainly doesn’t think so.

Navigating politics and logic on the mandatory levy will be a fight, but Bacta is ready for it

John White Bacta mandatory levy
In an exclusive interview for next week’s Coinslot, Bacta CEO John White lays out the industry’s position on a mandatory levy for research and treatment - and what it might take to achieve an amicable solution in febrile times. Here are some of the key points of the trade association’s concerns and response

Blackpool attractions at threat of being submerged by 2030

parts of Blackpool underwater by 2030 climate central research
A study from independent research organisation Climate Central has predicted that much of Blackpool could be beneath ten metres of water by 2030, as sea levels, tides, and storm surges increase.

Public support 12.5 percent VAT rate for hospitality and want Government to support sector’s recovery

12.5 percent VAT rate support hospitality YouGov
A YouGov study shows that government plans to raise VAT for the embattled hospitality sector are not supported by the majority of the UK population.

Consumer confidence grows to raise hopes for hospitality’s recovery in 2022

CGA Consumer confidence survey
Latest CGA research is a reminder of the underlying appeal of Britain’s boozers and gives some cause for optimism.

UK Virtual Reality investment hits all time high

UK VR investment
Approximately £150m worth of capital was invested in UK VR companies in 2021 according to stockbroking firm Arden Partners, delivering the sector’s most profitable fundraising year to date.

Commission congratulates itself over credit card ban

Credit card use online gambling
The Gambling Commission’s ban of credit card use on all forms of gambling except lotteries and competitions has been hailed a success by the regulator, which whipped up its own interim report on the matter ahead of an independent evaluation in 2023.   In need of a good news story after a year of criticism, the Gambling Commission has decided to...

British Retail Consortium: Retail sales getting back on track ahead of Christmas

High street spending British Retail Consortium
Confident consumers are back on the high street spending ahead of Christmas although fears mount of inflationary price rises.

If you don’t get the findings you want, just change the methodology until you do: Commission research pilot to include “information on broader gambling harms”

Gambling Commission research problem gambling related harms
Not satisfied with its own official statistics that currently put the problem gambling rate in Britain at 0.3 percent, the Gambling Commission is testing a new methodology that it says will include “information on broader gambling harms”.

Inflation fears rise sharply as confidence in Bank of England falls to 22-year low

Bank of England inflation fears rise
For business sectors that are not allowed to share increased costs with their customers, rising inflation comes directly off the bottom line.

Study finds gambling premises concentrated in “deprived areas”

Gambling Study deprived areas
A study has found one fifth of all UK gambling venues are located in “left behind” areas of the country - hardly surprising given that so many other sectors are unwilling to invest in these communities. However, trade bodies have been forced to once again defend the sector’s social and economic contribution.

Commission publishes new research on under 30s gambling behaviours

Gambling Commission publishes new research Tim Miller
The Gambling Commission has published new research examining the gambling behaviours of young people and adults aged 16 to 30.

Not so full staff: Loss of 90,000 EU workers leaves big hole for UK hospitality sector to fill

After the crisis brought about by the government’s lockdown strategy, the broadly based hospitality sector finds itself facing another threat with workers pursuing alternative careers and a deficit of labour caused by the absence of EU citizens. Shouldn’t the Government eat some humble pie and make it easier for workers to return to Britain?

Government releases the pingdemic pressure point but the cost has already been heavy

Test and trace hospitality pingdemic pressure
Whether it’s the government or the NHS, the stubborn mule that’s been resisting change to the self isolation pings has finally been forced to relax the criteria. Contact with Covid cases has been reduced from five days to two, drawing a universal sigh of relief from all around the hospitality sector.

Increasing number of Brits view gambling as social activity, says Entain

Ladbrokes shop front Entain gambling research
Ahead of the upcoming gambling review, operator Entain has published new research showing that the majority of Brits gamble socially and responsibly.

Accelerate the exit from lockdown argues Imperial College professor

John Wallace Linton roadmap economic recovery exit lockdown
The government’s narrow definition is masking the true impact of Covid’s long-term cost on the economy. The roadmap to recovery is going to cost the country a great deal more than opening up earlier.

Hippodrome CEO wants ‘full and frank discussion’ with Mayor of London as capital suffers £10bn tourism hit

The Hippodrome Casino London economy Simon Thomas
Industry veteran Simon Thomas talks to Coinslot about the options facing the capital.

At least 250,000 UK small businesses set to fold without further help, claims new study

small business closing down research
The Quarterly Small Business Index which surveyed a total of 1,401 firms paints a sorry picture of dwindling confidence and business closures. 2021 could be another tough year for business.

Tiered restrictions make 50,000 English licensed venues either shut or unviable

Covid restrictions make licensed venues unviable
Research published this week by CGA shows the devastating impact of the government’s strategy to control Covid infections. Very little, it seems, separates the ability to trade under the government’s new tier regime and not being allowed to trade at all during lockdown.

UKinbound warns that £23bn tourism industry is on a cliff edge

UKinbound tourism economic recovery
Tourism trade association UKinbound has put a new perspective on the need for state aid, by issuing a stark warning that the country risks damaging and prolonging its economic recovery if the inbound tourism industry, worth nearly £23bn to the UK economy in 2018, does not receive long term financial support alongside domestic and outbound tourism recovery plans.

Bacta and HMRC highlight high-rate MGD overpayment

Check your MGD returns, you may be overpaying. That’s the message from Bacta and HMRC this week as figures indicate larger than forecast high rate band..

Gambling Commission and Samaritans to develop new guidance for operators

Social Responsibility GambleAware Samaritans
Digging up research from 2007, GambleAware commissioned a report that shows a link between suicide and problem gambling, prompting the Gambling Commission..

Nick Harding Comment: Is it just me?

Nick Harding Gambling Business Group
Nick Harding, chairman of the influential strategic body, the Gambling Business Group, applies some straight thinking to the seemingly circuitous debate.

Irish minister describes regulatory remit as enactment date delayed

Irish Regulator David Stanton Minister of State
Irish minister of state David Stanton has announced the long-heralded national gambling regulator is set to be officially established at the end of 2020, with..

Cash infrastructure at risk of “falling apart,” say researchers

ATM Cash Access Review
The latest Access to Cash Review predicts a gloomy outlook in the near future of cash - and calls for urgent address to cash-access infrastructure...

FOBT delay costs Treasury money, says latest research

Coinslot HM Treasury
The Government is set to lose money by delaying implementation of a £2 stake on Fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs), new research suggests. Analysis from Cebr shows that a two-year delay in implementation of the new stake limit, announced in May, not only has a social cost, but could see the Exchequer miss out on an annual revenue boost of up...

Problem gambling rate stable, says findings of latest Health Survey

The most recent national survey of gambling behaviour shows that - despite frequent rhetoric to the contrary - the incidence of problem-gambling within the UK populace is flat. The latest combined Health Survey published by the Gambling Commission suggests that there has been no discernible rise in the rate of problem gambling in the UK over the course of the past...

GambleAware: A Strategic Delivery Plan

In a Foreword to GambleAware’s Strategic Delivery Plan for 2018/20, chair of the board of trustees Kate Lampard CBE explains the need for more funding for Research, Education and Treatment. Trustees published a five-year strategy in November 2016,and committed to reviewing progress annually to ensure that our commissioning and grant-funding plans continue to be relevant and appropriate to our charitable...

WHO takes more guilt off irresponsible parents with gaming addiction classification

Child playing video game
In a further blurring of the lines in the difference between compulsive behaviour and addiction, the World Health Organisation has classified gaming disorder as a mental health condition which is capable of addiction. The decision, which comes after pressure from parents, has been criticised for its lack of supporting evidence by expert psychologists, who believe playing video games is more...

Parents ready to spend on kids this summer, says new research

Family Parents Children
A new study has shown that British parents spend more than £2,600 a year keeping their children entertained, with theme park’s being kids favourite pastime. According to research which polled 2,000 parents, the average family will pay up more than £400 on trips to soft play centres, while more than £600 each year is spent on meals out. The study also...