Thursday, November 15, 2018
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FOBT delay costs Treasury money, says latest research

Coinslot HM Treasury
The Government is set to lose money by delaying implementation of a £2 stake on Fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs), new research suggests. Analysis from Cebr shows that a two-year delay in implementation of the new stake limit, announced in May, not only has a social cost, but could see the Exchequer miss out on an annual revenue boost of up...

Problem gambling rate stable, says findings of latest Health Survey

The most recent national survey of gambling behaviour shows that - despite frequent rhetoric to the contrary - the incidence of problem-gambling within the UK populace is flat. The latest combined Health Survey published by the Gambling Commission suggests that there has been no discernible rise in the rate of problem gambling in the UK over the course of the past...

GambleAware: A Strategic Delivery Plan

Board room
In a Foreword to GambleAware’s Strategic Delivery Plan for 2018/20, chair of the board of trustees Kate Lampard CBE explains the need for more funding for Research, Education and Treatment. Trustees published a five-year strategy in November 2016,and committed to reviewing progress annually to ensure that our commissioning and grant-funding plans continue to be relevant and appropriate to our charitable...

WHO takes more guilt off irresponsible parents with gaming addiction classification

Child playing video game
In a further blurring of the lines in the difference between compulsive behaviour and addiction, the World Health Organisation has classified gaming disorder as a mental health condition which is capable of addiction. The decision, which comes after pressure from parents, has been criticised for its lack of supporting evidence by expert psychologists, who believe playing video games is more...

Parents ready to spend on kids this summer, says new research

Family Parents Children
A new study has shown that British parents spend more than £2,600 a year keeping their children entertained, with theme park’s being kids favourite pastime. According to research which polled 2,000 parents, the average family will pay up more than £400 on trips to soft play centres, while more than £600 each year is spent on meals out. The study also...

Trade bodies condemn latest alcohol research

alcohol beer drinking
Research released by Cambridge University stating that one alcoholic drink a day can shorten your life has been condemned by industry bodies. The study, published in The Lancet, claims that drinking more than five glasses of wine or pints of beer a week causes greater risk of strokes, fatal aneurysms and heart failure. However many industry figures condemned the study pointing...

ALMR calls for machine boost for pub sector

ALMR Pub stakes
In its submission to the DCMS consultation, the ALMR has asked the government to increase the automatic entitlement of machines and allow contactless payment, as well as urging an upward review of Cat C stakes and prizes.   The ALMR has called on the government to provide “a much needed revamp” to gaming machines in pubs, both from a social and...

Entertainment is key for UK amusement machine players

bacta reseach amusement machine players
The pursuit of a fun experience and the chance to win money, have been identified as the two most important motivations for UK amusement machine players, in a large scale consumer survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) on behalf of bacta.   The PwC Consumer & Industry Insights is the largest body of research conducted on attitudes towards amusements machines and...

WhichBingo Survey confirms bingo popularity

Coinslot Bingo research
Were it to be recognised as as sport, bingo would be the sixth most popular in the UK. The admittedly questionable comparison, revealed thanks to research conducted by WhichBingo, does at least reveal the immense player base at the bingo industry can draw from across the country. The data shows that there are around 1.9m people who play bingo every month...