Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Covering every angle on the redemption spectrum

Coinslot - Redemption games JNC Sales Angle
From the latest machines on the market to restored used pieces guaranteed to turn a profit, JNC Sales has all corners of the redemption market covered.   As the redemption market continues to evolve, so does JNC’s comprehensive range of new and used redemption machines. From big top-end pieces such as Emergency Rescue and Ocean Pearl to cheaper yet equally effective...

JNC’s top performers set to shine on Dublin stage

Coinslot performers Dublin JNC
Bringing its three strongest performers from the early going in 2017, JNC are expecting to wow Irish audiences at the show.   JNC Sales on Stand 28, will be exhibiting three of the must have machines of the year, from a variety of different FEC sectors. The Rescue Firefighter pop up hammer version was developed following the success of the Galaxy Garrison...

JNC bring Rescue Firefighter to Ireland for gaming show

Coinslot JNC Rescue Firefighter
JNC Sales travel to Ireland with entertainment very much in mind. Leading the way this year is the new Rescue Firefighter arcade game which JNC expect a hot response to in Dublin.   Following the success that JNC has had over the past five years with its Galaxy Garrison whacker series, Rescue Firefighter is a new and improved development on the...