Friday, September 25, 2020

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Cashless continues growth amid lockdown restrictions

ATM use declines Cashless growth lockdown
The pandemic has been instrumental in accelerating the move toward a cashless society, with access to ATMs limited by lockdown measures, a separation of customers and service staff, and a growing uneasiness around handling notes and coins.

And the Lords said: “There is no need to wait … time for action” on new gambling legislation

social and economic impact gambling lords report
The House of Lords Select Committee report on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry has been released.

Blackpool to suffer more than most from lockdown, says new report

lockdown economic impact Blackpool
A new report by think-tank the Centre for Cities has once again highlighted the degree of regional disparity in Britain when it comes to the economic impact of the country’s ongoing lockdown misery.

Coastal towns worst-hit by lockdown, new study suggests

Coastal Towns Mablethorpe
As Britain enters its sixth week of lockdown, new economic data has suggested that two of Lincolnshire’s most popular seaside resorts are now at risk of bankruptcy due to ongoing shelter- in-place orders.

UK gambling sector employment saw 13 percent drop in 2019

Office National Statistics gambling industry employment report
A report by the Office for National Statistics has revealed employment in the UK gambling industry during 2019 was at its lowest in almost ten years, declining 14.7 percent since 2011.

Bournemouth assesses the damage: Lockdown is costing livelihoods

Bournemouth pre-lockdown
A report from Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council has calculated the cost of a six month lockdown to the area would be £507m and 9,000 jobs, revealing the extent of damage caused to seaside resorts, businesses and livelihoods across the UK.

NAO White Paper: So what happens now?

NAO Report Gambling Commission
Coinslot spoke to its colleagues across the media channels to reflect on some of their take-aways from the Audit Office’s evaluation of the Gambling Commission and what it means for the impending reconstruction of the UK’s gambling legislation...

Bacta: “Seaside arcades are as valuable to UK economy as broadcasting or freight”

Report Seaside Arcade UK economy
Bacta has commissioned a new report showing that in 2018 seaside arcades and related activities contributed a significant turnover of £845m to the economy..

British Retail Consortium details high street downturn

high Street British Retail Consortium
Is Britain’s high street screwed? The British Retail Consortium paints a disturbing picture; the labour leader has put himself forward as the saviour..

Post Office survey reveals cash struggle for UK holidaymakers

Post Office cash survey
A Post Office report has revealed that 57 percent of people on a staycation have experienced difficulty in finding a nearby bank or ATM, with 18 percent..

UKinbound reports sustainability for both environment and business

UKinbound environment business
UKinbound has reported that UK businesses are making significant headway in reducing their impact on the environment, wit 81 percent of tourism..

Senet Group dismisses University of Warwick SR study

Senet Group University of Warwick Social Responsibility
After the University of Warwick published a report claiming that warnings on gambling adverts do little to deter gamblers, the Senet Group responded..

UK betting companies paid £19.7m in fines last year

Gambling Commission Neil McArthur
UK betting operators paid a record £19.7m in penalty fees last year as regulators toughened stance against those failing to adequately deal with problem gamblers and money laundering. A UK Gambling Commission report announced the regulator brought fines against nine operators in the 12 month period. Overall gambling fines increased from £18.4m handed out in 2018 and £1.7m in 2017. Online...

NSM reports impressive contactless sales

NSM Music
NSM are driving the cashless concept in music provision at venues across Britain and it’s making its mark. Alex Kirby prepares us for the ultimate question: “Did you really carry bits of metal and paper around with you? Leading jukebox manufacturer NSM Sales has announced Q1 sales figures which underline claims that a cashless Britain is closer than we might...

Current coastal defences “unsustainable” in face of future sea-level rises, claims new report

coastal report
The latest coastal analysis report from the Committee on Climate Change claims that sea-level rises due to global warming will soon place vast swathes of Britain’s coasts at heightened risk of flooding and erosion - and that the UK’s current coastal management strategy is “unsustainable” in facing up to the scale of the problem...

Scientific Games reports seventh consecutive quarter of growth

ICR - Scientific report growth
Scientific Games has recorded its seventh consecutive quarter of year-on-year growth as the company announces intent to refinance a portion of its debt.   Scientific Games Corporation has released its second quarter 2017 results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2017 and announced plans to take advantage of favorable market conditions to refinance a portion of its debt to lower...

Report predicts staycations to fuel bumper year for UK tourism

Coinslot - Bumper year uk tourism leisure barclays brexit tourism alliance
Another survey has found that the UK’s tourism and leisure industries are set for a bumper year thanks to continued growth in the trend for staycations.   The report, by Barclays, found that nearly a third (30 per cent) of British holidaymakers expect to spend more of their holiday time in the UK this year. Nearly four in ten respondents (38 per...

GambleAware report sparks new criticism of FOBTs

Coinslot FOBTs Triennial Review criticism ABB
Media Watch investigates the latest criticism of FOBTs following a Guardian report on seven gamblers losing more than £10,000 in a day.   Last week, the Guardian is focussing on its discovery that seven gamblers lost more than £10,000 in a day while using controversial fixed-odds betting terminals, during a 10-month period. The losses, revealed in a submission to the government’s gambling...

Pub sector calls for budget cut in beer duty rate

Coinslot landlords Beer Duty Pub Sector
New report by Oxford Economics adds weight to call for cut in beer duty rate A new report by economic experts Oxford Economics (OE), commissioned by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), has found that the beer and pub industry in Britain employs almost 900,000 people, and contributes £23.1 billion to the British economy. The BBPA says the figures...

Stakes and debit cards under fire in GambleAware report

Coinslot, GambleAware, Sophro, report,
In a new report, GambleAware has argued that policy makers should consider much more than stakes and prizes when looking to promote responsible gambling and dents coin-op hopes by placing contactless in the firing line.   GambleAware has announced the publication of a report which argues that “policy makers need to look beyond stake reductions to minimise harm.” Undertaken by research...

Seaside sees boost in 
business across 2016

Coinslot Seaside
Nationwide, coastal businesses were buoyed by a increase in business this year, the results of a new wide ranging study have indicated. The majority of seaside businesses saw an increase in trade in 2016, or were least on a par with last year’s results, a new study has revealed. The findings came from two surveys conducted by the National Coastal Tourism...