Friday, December 3, 2021

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Regulus: Affordability checks loom large in Gambling Act review

affordability checks gambling review
For gambling industry consultants Regulus Partners, the subject of online affordability checks will be at the forefront of lawmaker’s minds in the upcoming regulatory review…with inevitable consequences for the landed sector.

Gambling Commission releases industry stats for a bygone era

Gambling Commission historical data
New numbers from the regulator detail the industry’s year up until March 2020 - a compilation of largely irrelevant numbers in the context of nine months of lockdown. But, one important trend for post-Covid deliberation emerges; the land-based sector is finding it hard to move forward with confidence.

UK: Regulation – peer review reveals path to redemption?

UK regulation Regulus Partners comment
Analysts Regulus Partners have a sharp eye when it comes to the legislatory framework in gambling jurisdictions, and last week’s flurry of activity in the UK found the specialists is fine form. Are the Brits on the path to redemption they ask? Apparently, it all comes down to which door the industry chooses to go through - although neither of which are without significant adjustment

William Hill retail momentum halted by lockdown

William Hill retail momentum halted
William Hill retail business was climbing its way out of a FOBT-shaped hole quite nicely until Covid-19 struck, but now the firm faces its biggest challenge yet.

Gambling in a time of Covid-19

Covid-19 lockdown Dan Waugh Regulus Partners
In the consultancy’s weekly Winning Post, Regulus Partners’ Dan Waugh looks at how the gambling industry is adapting to the shake-up caused by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Is money the root of all regulation?

Dan Waugh NAO Report Comment
Regulus Partners’ Dan Waugh comments on the recent review of the Gambling Commission by the National Audit Office, arguing it increases the threat level to the industry..

UK “sleep-walking” towards new Gambling Act, says analyst

Dan Waugh Regulus Partners
Gambling consultants Regulus Partners have rung an alarm bell following an outing by Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur two weeks ago, after an..

Gambling-related Harm APPG – £2 for online?

Dan Waugh Regulus Partners £2 stake
Dan Waugh highlights the importance of high stakes for online operators, suggesting the path they must take to protect against a £2 stake limit.

Silence in the House as MPs debate “irrelevant” report

Dan Waugh Regulus Partners Parliament hostility
Regulus' Dan Waugh paints a picture of the current hostility and complexity surrounding gambling in parliament, while acknowledging that the Gambling..

Different defensive strategies will lead to the same outcome for bookies

LBO Sector Closure comment Dan Waugh
Analysing the shop closure announcements from both Will Hill and GVC in his weekly Winning Post blog, Regulus Partners’ Dan Waugh identifies the differing..

Why problem gambling just doesn’t add up

Coinslot Dan Waugh Bacta Convention
In a blog post excerpt, Regulus Partners’ Dan Waugh considers the pitfalls of misaligning activity with evaluation; and asks whether manipulation of problem gambling statistics by is acceptable - even in the pursuit of noble objectives.   What is the point of ‘Safer Gambling’? No seriously, what precisely is the point? Amidst all the hand-wringing, virtue-signalling and self-flagellation, what exactly are...

Everything counts or just can’t get enough, says Dan Waugh

gambling commission
In it’s Winning Post blog last month, Regulus Partners’ Dan Waugh questioned how much licensees trust the Gambling Commission. As those great sages of 1980s pop, Depeche Mode once sang, much in life boils down to a question of trust. The regulatory establishment issued a test of the gambling industry’s trust by putting operators on notice that requests for...

In pursuit of balance

Dan Waugh
In an excerpt of a blog post for consultancy firm Regulus Partners, Dan Waugh calls for the industry, the regulator, and the government to pursue a more balanced approach to gambling. As any fish on a bicycle will tell you, balance is a tricky thing. In matters of gambling policy, equilibrium at times seems like a hopeless dream as debate...

FOBT stake: Two pound Tories talk tough

FOBT, stakes, Industry, politics, finance
Regulus Partners’ Dan Waugh details the current state of the FOBT debate in the consultancy firm’s ‘Winning Post’ blog, suggesting where “future battle lines will be drawn” for the gambling industry. What will we do for amusement once (if?) the public policy wrangle over FOBTs is resolved? Last week opened with renewed hope for the betting shop sector as The...