Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Commission congratulates itself over credit card ban

Credit card use online gambling
The Gambling Commission’s ban of credit card use on all forms of gambling except lotteries and competitions has been hailed a success by the regulator, which whipped up its own interim report on the matter ahead of an independent evaluation in 2023.   In need of a good news story after a year of criticism, the Gambling Commission has decided to...

DCMS Committee slams “unprecedented” interference by Gambling Commission over inquiry

Andrew Rhodes interim CEO Gambling Commission
The Gambling Commission has been accused of being potentially in “contempt of parliament” by DCMS committee chair Julian Knight, after interim CEO Andrew Rhodes resisted calls for a governmental inquiry. It’s an “unelected quango”, Knight says; it’s an uncomfortably rocky road for newly appointed GC chief.

Ireland on the cusp of launching gambling regulator

James Browne Ireland Gambling regulations
The Irish government is finally pressing ahead with new regulations for the country’s vibrant industry.

Commission confirms a second delay to National Lottery licence competition

National Lottery tender process
Whichever way you look at it, the Gambling Commission’s announcement to extend the National Lottery tender process is an embarrassing setback for the regulator.

Commission faces inquiry into handling of National Lottery tender

National Lottery tender
The Gambling Commission is fast becoming the ‘billy no-mates’ of regulation with DCMS this week launching an inquiry to evaluate and examine the handling of the ‘competition process’ of the National Lottery’s operating tender.

Is it time to separate the Gambling Commission into land-based and online regulatory bodies?

Gambling Commission HQ time to separate
Confidence in the regulatory focus at the Gambling Commission is diminishing amongst the land-based sector as amusements operators find themselves weighed down by online-crafted enquiries. Some are now questioning whether the regulator should be split into two: one for land-based operations, the other for online.

“Commission in a mess”: Regulator falling behind on licence applications by up to three months say operators

Gambling Commission sector paying price
The “Gambling Commission is in a mess” argues one licence specialist, and it’s the land-based sector that is paying the price.

Gambling Commission tests the waters for licensee fee increases

Gambling Commission logo wall licence fee
The Gambling Commission has floated for consultation proposals which would see the regulator substantially increase its annual license fees for online gambling operators

Commission job-cuts sign of the regulator “giving up,” says Harris

Carolyn Harris Gambling Act reform Gambling Commission
News that the Gambling Commission may be axing dozens of staff has caused a veritable shit-storm in Westminster: with long-term critics seizing on it as further proof of an organisation “unfit for purpose”.

McArthur calls for industry-led game design code

McArthur industry led design code
While praising the industry for progress made with social responsibility measures, Neil McArthur, CEO of the Gambling Commission, also set the industry..

Wright confirms government considering gambling credit-card ban

Credit Card online payment
The culture secretary has said the government will follow the lead of the Gambling Commission, which is conducting a call-for-evidence on the issue of credit card use in gambling.

Which? renews calls for cash-access regulator

Consumer group Which? has released servant calls for the government to create a bespoke regulator tasked solely with protecting public access to cash. “We have serious concerns that the alarming rate of cash machine and bank branch closures risks leaving people facing an uphill battle to access the cash they rely on,” said Jenni Allen on behalf of the lobby...

Pubs falling short of policing underage fruit machine play, says regulator

pubs regulator fruit machine
The Gambling Commission has called on the pub sector to take action following a recent study which indicates a rise in underage gambling in drinking establishments. A new study by the Gambling Commission estimates that only just over 10 percent of English pubs actively intervene to stop underage players from accessing gaming machines.