Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Industry told to tighten up on SR and AML

SR AML Social responsibility Anit-Money Laundering Gambling Commission
The Gambling Commission has told the industry to tighten up its compliance to social responsibility and anti-money laundering regulations.

New regulations must be “future-proof” Hannibal tells Westminster forum

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group
Gambling Business Group CEO, Peter Hannibal, argues what’s needed to make the new Act future-proof.

Britain’s B2 ban: The impact of heightened regulations

Dan-Waugh, b2 ban
With Britain’s B2 ban now formally enacted into law, Regulus Partner’s Dan Waugh explains that the first practical signs of impact are starting to be felt. So far, he says, these signs have been seen in machine contracts, rental pleas, horseracing funding and M&A - but what else will change come April 2019? The most heavily analysed (and/or guessed at)...

Corbyn competition could breach gambling regulations

Jeremy Corbyn
According to news service Buzzfeed, an email was sent out to Labour members last week telling them that if they donated a minimum of £10, they would be entered into a draw to win a weekend at the party’s annual conference in Liverpool, including a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn backstage. What the email should have said, given the UK’s over-reaching...

Distrust and discord: The state of UK gambling regulation

gambling commission
The latest survey findings on problem gambling confirm that the level has remained stable and without any discernible rise in six years. But, suggests Ken Scott, despite this good news the fractious divide between industry and regulator is only likely to get wider. Only a British regulator can eke misery out of statistics that show problem gambling has not risen...

Commission reveals new rules for October

Gambling Commission
Advertising, restrictions on withdrawals, and text marketing are to be more tightly regulated from 31 October, the Gambling Commission has announced, but which new rules are actually relevant for the amusements industry? New rules from the Gambling Commission, which come into force from 31 October 2018, mean gambling companies that break advertising rules or breach consumer law will face tougher...

Irish government promise legislative movement

Ireland’s junior justice minister David Stanton has promised that a report on reforms for gambling will be completed by the autumn. The industry is still waiting for one of two Gambling Control Bills to be pushed forward by the government, while in the meantime operators must continue to make-do with legislation from 1956. “It is something we are determined to tackle...

Grand Pier: The Phoenix of Weston, 10 years on

Michelle Michael
It has been a decade since a fire destroyed Weston-super-mare’s premier attraction, and while the memory of that day still stings for operator Michelle Michael MBE, the new Grand Pier has done its predecessor more than proud. Weston-super-mare’s Grand Pier “looks like it’s been part of the landscape forever now”, according to opera- tor Michelle Michael, who appeared on ITV...

Gambling Commission to crackdown on operators who don’t treat consumers fairly

Gambling Commission
New rules from the Gambling Commission, which come into force from 31 October 2018, mean gambling companies that break advertising rules or breach consumer law will face tougher action. The new requirements, which follow an open consultation, provide "stronger protection for consumers" and ensure they are treated fairly by gambling businesses The changes mean: - It will be easier to take action,...

Licence fee amendments good news for operators

Coinslot - Fee amendment operators
New legislation amending fees for gambling operators has been announced, and will come into force from 6 April, 2017.   Following a joint consultation process by the Gambling Commission and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport last year on the fees structure for operating licences, the Gambling (Operating Licence and Single-Machine Permit Fees) Regulations 2017 No.303 will come into force...