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GamCom reminds operators of Free-to-Play obligations

Gambling Commission Affiliate promotion warning
The Gambling Commission has warned operators about the affiliate promotion of Free-To-Play versions of games, specifically with regard to age verification and customer interaction

Hough: Lessons from the iGaming sector

Debbie hough Hough & Bollard
Debbie Hough of Hough & Bollard details how owners of amusements businesses can take heed of lessons that certain iGaming operators have had to learn the..

Irish minister describes regulatory remit as enactment date delayed

Irish Regulator David Stanton Minister of State
Irish minister of state David Stanton has announced the long-heralded national gambling regulator is set to be officially established at the end of 2020, with..

Minehead’s Marcus Kravis calls for rates and regulation rethink

Marcus Kravis The Arkade Minehead Marcus Kravis
The Arkade’s Marcus Kravis sets out what he sees as the challenges - and potential achievements - on the cards for seaside operators.

GREF: A look at the present and the future

Marja Appelman
Marja Appelman, CEO of the Netherlands Gaming Authority and new chair of the Gaming Regulators European Forum gave the opening speech about the past, present and future of GREF at the Euromat Summit. The Present Now, GREF has grown from 6 to 29 European member countries, including many from central and eastern Europe. GREF has become one of the major regional...

Data experts call for clarity on GDPR and AML

GBG data experts GDPR AML Peter Murray
A leading industry data expert has called for clarity from gambling regulators on balancing GDPR and AML   With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to impact upon the industry in May 2018, a leading identity data intelligence expert is warning of the regulatory conflict that may arise, and the unintended consequence that may hinder the industry’s attempts to...

888 ruling highlights importance of well-kept self-exclusion schemes

Coinslot - Gambling Commission self-exclusion
Following the Gambling Commission’s decision to fine 888 Holdings for a record-breaking figure, operators using a self-exclusion scheme have been advised to review their compliance process.   Operators across the wider gambling industry have been prompted to ensure their self-exclusion records are in order following a £7.8m fine for iGaming company 888 Holdings. The record-breaking penalty was imposed following a probe into...

888 decision heightens interest in WrB symposium

Last week's announcement that 888 had been fined a record £7.8m for technical shortcomings which served to undermine its self exclusion processes, has given added importance and interest to the forthcoming WrB Responsible Gambling Innovation C-Level symposium organised by Clarion Gaming (September 12, OXO2, London). The fine followed a 13 month long investigation by the UK Gambling Commission which found...

Fairness, Integrity, and Improving Regulation

Coinslot - Sarah Harrison Fairness Regulation Integrity
According to Sarah Harrison, CEO of the Gambling Commission, two themes have dominated in 2016/17: working to put consumers at the heart of regulation and raising standards. These themes have been an important focus for the Commission “in a year when gambling remains popular but one in which public attitudes towards it appear to be hardening.”   Fairness With competition intensifying, in...

UKGC: Out of the EU but not out of Europe

Coinslot Politics Regulation Gambling Commission Sarah Harrison Brexit
CEO of the Gambling Commission, Sarah Harrison, hints at the future of UK regulation outside of the European Union, and urges the industry to keep improving trust in its consumers. Changes are afoot in UK gaming. With Brexit now looming, questions arise as to how separation from the supra-state will affect crossborder cooperation with other regulators, particularly in areas of...

Jowell calls for more high street regulation

Coinslot Tessa Jowell
A group of politicians, including former culture secretary Tessa Jowell, has been piling on the pressure on government during questions in the House of Lords following the publication of the Gambling Commission’s report on underage gambling. The report, published last month, claimed that 450,000 young people were gambling every week and it is the prospect of these children having access...