Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Tag: Refund

Working men’s clubs still waiting for HMRC VAT refund

Barry Slasberg HMRC VAT refund delay
After eighteen long months, HMRC is still to pay Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club the money it is owed in VAT refunds, with Barry Slasberg, former secretary of the club, calling out the tax man once again for conduct that is leaving businesses across the country out of pocket.

Rank Group to receive £78m as HMRC finally pays back VAT duties from as far back as 2006

HMRC Rank Group VAT operator Tax
A queue is forming at the door of HMRC after it settled on a return of monies to the Rank Group to the tune of £78m following the long and drawn out battle over VAT on gaming machines. Fifteen years in the waiting, independent operators owed by the taxman need to make sure they join the line - even if it’s without the fast pass of the bigger players.