Monday, September 28, 2020

Tag: reform

Carolyn Harris renews calls for gambling reform

Carolyn Harris Gambling Act reform Gambling Commission
Labour MP Carolyn Harris has argued that an outdated Gambling Act of 2005 permits betting companies to get away with proverbial murder

Select committee presses for business rates reform to save high streets

Select committee, business rates, reform, uk high streets
Parliamentary commissioners have called for “green taxes” on online retailers and reduced business rates for high-street shops in a bid to “level the playing-field” of the market. One international real estate firm has welcomed the release of recommendations from parliament’s Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee which have implored government to take steps to ease the pressure on high-street businesses. A...

Irish Gaming reform still unlikely amidst ongoing political stalemate

Dail, ireland
Recent attempts to get the ball rolling on a modern framework for gambling in Ireland are unlikely to make the legislative agenda of what remains a deeply divided government across the Irish Sea. There will soon be no less than three prospective gambling bills under consideration by legislators in the Republic of Ireland - but there remains frustratingly scant sign...