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Trident continues expansion with ‘substantial’ Reflex machines deal

Trident Machines Andrew Powell GamePro Twin
Now able to offer Reflex Gaming’s GamePro Twin to its customers, Trident Machines has continued to grow its digital portfolio which includes a wide range of high quality machines from the industry’s top manufacturers.

Solving an age old problem: Reflex Gaming and Yoti deliver digital age verification

Mat Ingram Reflex Gaming Yoti age verification
Reflex Gaming has integrated digital age verification technology from Yoti into its category B and C gaming machines to provide automated proof of age.

Stott: Treading a path of honour in difficult times

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming
Making good on all payments to suppliers has been a key priority of Quentin Stott of Reflex Gaming’s lockdown philosophy - second only to the safety of his staff.

Digital and analogue appeal is key to countering Cat C stagnation

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming Cat C
The needs of Cat C players are growing more diverse with each coming year, something which Reflex Gaming’s wide range of digital and analogue products..

Reflex continuing to supply the total pub gaming package

Reflex Gaming Cat C pub machines
The dissonance between analogue and digital games and their players has been brewing for a number of years something which Reflex Gaming is keen to rectify as the company continues to focus on providing a full 360º Cat C solution approach to all players…

Reflex Gaming’s market leading tech set for international stage

Quentin Stott YALP ICE 2020 Rreflex Gaming
Reflex Gaming will present its “market leading, on machine, age verification and alternative payment solutions” at this year’s ICE as the manufacturer and game developer target’s “a small number of international markets

7s Above: The best and brightest in quality-focused showcase

7s Above Ian Pawson Spin Gaming VIP Casino
Presenting a range of both brand new launches and surefire hits, 7s Above took to EAG this year to demonstrate the personal service, care and consideration it brings to ensuring its customers are offering the best in the market

Reflex fire the starting gun towards gaming of the future

Reflex Gaming Yoti Age Verification
Last week’s EAG saw the Dransfields Group company unveil its first testing prototype of an age verification system that will resolve under-age playing..

EAG 2020 opens with a new vision for the industry

EAG 2020 Show floor
Olly Gully reports on an opening day that signalled how far the industry had come towards a new vision for amusements and coin-op in the UK.

Stott: “We’re really driving ahead on SR and age verification but sometimes we’re perceived as being 10 steps behind…”

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming social responsibility
One of the champions of the SR cause, Reflex Gaming MD Quentin Stott, sat down with Coinslot to discuss the issue, filtering the sound of substance from all the white noise.

Game Pro: Keeping content current

Reflex Gaming current content cat C
An agile content team, a sophisticated system, and a connected Game Pro all allow Reflex Gaming to keep their content current and relevant, with recent..

Futureproof principles and tech-based solutions put Reflex Gaming ahead of the curve

Futureproof Matt Ingram Reflex Gaming
Every developmental decision made at Reflex Gaming is done with social responsibility in mind, explains chief product officer Matt Ingram, who believes..

Reflex debuts GamePro Max

Reflex Gaming GamePro Max
Following the success of its GamePro Cat C and B3 digital gaming terminals, Reflex Gaming revealed the sit-down version at Olympia last week alongside..

100 days on and they’re already Reflexing their muscles

Reflex Gaming Dransfields 100 days on
Coinslot donned it Independents Day; the acquisition of Reflex Gaming by Dransfields back in June was a merging of two fiercely independent-minded..

Stott: Putting innovation and investment first

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming
Quentin Stott, the man behind the rise and rise of Reflex Gaming, is looking forward to the manufacturer’s first official outing as part of the Dransfields group..

Reflex’s Slingshot remains on target for operators

Quentin Stott, Reflex Gaming GamePro slingshot Harris Hagan
While aesthetic tech products may be hitting the headlines, Reflex’s Slingshot system is leading the charge in a behind-the-scenes revolution, making games development, delivery, machine performance and data analysis smarter than ever...

New beginnings for Reflex Gaming

Mat Ingram Director Reflex Gaming
The deal now signed and sealed, time for Reflex to get back into the operational groove. Quentin Stott outlines what the next few months might hold in...

Reflex Gaming: Business as usual

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming
Following the announcement of its acquisition by fellow UK independent, Dransfields, Reflex Gaming's Quentin Stott talks exclusively to Coinslot to..

Dransfields acquire Reflex as the two leading UK independents come together

Dransfields Reflex Gaming
Two of the UK industry’s most successful independently owned companies have joined forces, with confirmation that Dransfield Novelty Company Limited has acquired the entire issued share capital of Gameco Holdings Limited, owners of Reflex Gaming, for an undisclosed sum...

Bingo and AGC sector driving market confidence

Reflex Gaming AGC Bingo Bar X Super Bullion
As the UK gaming industry picks its feet up following significant changes in recent years, Reflex Gaming is first off the blocks in developing its product..

The art of attractive Cat C playability

Mat Ingram Reflex Gaming
Channelling their continued growth and renowned products in the pub sector, Reflex Gaming is now skilfully navigating its ship through the bingo and AGC markets, something which chief product officer, Mat Ingram, believes is down to listening and learning in equal measure…   Reflex is best known for its success in the Pub sector but how do you ensure that you...

Levelling the playing field

Reflex Gaming GamePro
As the impact of this year’s FOBT stake reduction begins to be felt across the wider UK amusement and gaming industry, the independent games creator Reflex Gaming continues to..

Reflex: Bridging the AGC and Bingo divide

Reflex Gaming Mat ingram
The continued success of Reflex Gaming’s B3 and Cat C portfolio is as much down to understanding what sets each category apart for players and operators as it is the company’s strong investment in research and design according to Mat Ingram the company’s Chief Product Officer...

Reflex Gaming: Supplying sustainable success

Quentin Stott, Reflex Gaming GamePro slingshot Harris Hagan
By delivering the popularity of online titles to the core land-based market via its digital terminals, Reflex Gaming is establishing a new precedent for players and operators alike in PubCos up and down the country. Quentin Stott, managing director of the independent supplier, enthuses on the synergy between digital and pub play, the fallout of April’s cut and the...

Slingshot: Reflex continues raising the bar

Slingshot Reflex Gaming
Reflex Gaming’s back office technology is consistently pushing the potential of machines in the Cat C market and as Q1 2019 brings with it new functionality, players, PubCos and operators alike are in for a world of possibility…

Reflex secure Dransfield GamePro order

Quentin Stott, Reflex Gaming GamePro slingshot Harris Hagan
The GamePro cabinet launched by Reflex Gaming little more than a year ago, has consolidated its position as the digital gaming product of choice for independent operators serving the UK’s managed and tenanted pub sectors...

Reflex Gaming showcase new content to ICE’s omni-channel audience

Reflex Gaming, ICE, omni-channel, audience
Reflex Gaming returned to ICE this year to exhibit its latest omni-channel slots to an audience of pub, AGC, casino and online operators, with chief product officer Mat Ingram putting forward a case for quality over quantity on the show floor. One of the few independent UK manufacturers to offer games to both online and land-based operators, Reflex Gaming has...

Quentin Stott: Land based machine income must not be left to wither on the vine

Quentin Stott, Reflex Gaming GamePro slingshot Harris Hagan
As the country’s leading independent manufacturer, Reflex Gaming, continues its development ahead of EAG. The company’s founder, Quentin Stott, discusses the importance of product, the potential player protection capabilities surrounding contactless and amusements’ position on the ‘kaleidoscope’ of gaming... How do you evaluate the key challenges facing the bricks and mortar sector of the industry in 2019? Quentin Stott: I think...

Reflex Gaming: Covering all bases

Coinslot Mat Ingram Reflex BetVictorGaming
Portfolio breadth is crucial when it comes to the digital games marketplace comments Mat Ingram, chief product officer, Reflex Gaming, with content flexibility key to commercial success. Coinslot: How do you analyse variances in content performances across sectors? Mat Ingram: “Yes,the game requirements for different venue types are different.These differences can be as simple as the game theme or design,but also...

GamePro Cat C hitting the jackpot

Stotts Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming
The all metal, triple screen GamePro cabinet that was launched by Reflex Gaming at the start of the year, is recording the same high performance figures in Category C as it has done in B3. Figures collated by a national machine data processor show that 72 percent of the GamePros that are on test are registering income figures that are...