Monday, September 28, 2020

Tag: Redemption

Playsafe’s Promo Lite App adds track and trace functionality

Playsafe Promo Lite App Iain Lunt
Playsafe has added track and trace functionality to its Promo Lite App to allow operators to seamlessly track who enters their site as well as logging temperatures of customers.

BNAE unveils Wonder Woman prize range as super hero heads over to UK for blockbuster movie launch

BNAE DC Comics Plush
BNAE has a contract for a range of DC Comics branded plush and anticipation is high for what has been coined, and almost certainly will be, the ‘first family movie post Covid’ in the UK.

Hollywood Bowl maintains momentum with Crawley re-opening following £450,000 make-over

Hollywood Bowl Crawley
Hollywood Bowl has completed the £450,000 refurbishment of its Crawley site, updating its amusement and redemption arcade, adding two new lanes to the existing 24 and installing a brand new scoring system.

Skill Cut Winner goes to the fair

Skill Cut Winner Electrocoin
Electrocoin’s Skill Cut Winner, which can be found at all major FECs, theme parks, bowling centres and single sites throughout the UK, is now a big winner with travelling fairs.

UDC reports ‘hot ticket sales’ since industry re-opening

UDC redemption tickets
The United Distributing Company has reported that it has been delivering ‘many more redemption tickets’ than expected during July and August with visitors returning to arcades, particularly at seaside resorts.

Crazy Toy picks up plaudits for JNC

Crazy Toy JNC Sales
Crazy Toy has been proving one of the most popular cranes on the market in recent seasons, with supplier JNC Sales now offering it among their range of new and used machines with 12 month finance options.

JNC Sales launch machine financing initiative

Sam Coleman JNC Sales Finance
JNC Sales are back in full swing with a new bespoke finance service available to customers. Sam Coleman talks to Coinslot about the initiative and the company’s first ten days of re-opening.

JNC: Ready for the “new normal” with a reviewed offering

Sam Coleman JNC Sales colour
Eager to return to business next week to speak with operators about their experiences during lockdown, JNC sales and marketing manager Sam Coleman has been reviewing the company’s offering to ensure customers can optimise cashbox takings in a year where every penny counts.

Hoop It Up scoring big earnings

Sega Hoop it Up
Hoop It Up was an instant hit at the EAG the show in January. The small footprint meant a lot of operators were able to see this game fit easily in their location

Cashless key to redemption growth for Semnox

Kiran Karanki Semnox Cashless key to redemption growth
As redemption operators and manufacturers across the country begin to fully appreciate the capacity of cashless to streamline and enhance the game play process, Semnox CEO Kiran Karanki told Coinslot how the Mangalore-based firm is setting the trend.

Sega’s Shoot It Win It hitting the mark

Sega Shoot it win it
Since its release, Sega’s Shoot It Win It has become a major success with operators due to its classic gameplay, which brings the fun of carnival shooting to arcades

Bandai Namco: Sifting through the noise

James Anderson Bandai Namco redemption
BNAE is sifting through the noise of a saturated redemption market to bring forward the very best products and peripherals for operators and players alike, comments commercial and sales director, James Anderson.

Harry Levy redemption flying high

Harry Levy Butterfly and Angry Birds Redemption
Having performed well since their respective releases, the Harry Levy Butterfly pusher and Angry Birds stomper are now set to make their mark in the..

Bulldog Games tick every box with Pac-Man pusher

Pac-Man Bulldog Pusher
Pairing multi-generational licences with market-leading build quality, Bulldog Games has created its feature-rich pusher with longevity in mind..

Bandai Namco: The summer’s must-haves

Bandai Namco NERF JW redemption
BNAE is kicking off the year with a medley of new must-have games and experiences from their esteemed partners. All of the company's products have..

Crown Direct: All about the experience

Darren Chadwick Crown Direct Redemption machines
The strength of the redemption market only seems set to grow, with a focus on interactive, experiences and innovative solutions to the cashless question..

Interactive, social, timeless

Lester Tavasso Sega Amusements
The ability to offer players an interactive, social experience has been a key facet of redemption’s growth to date, and will remain so argues Sega..

Electrocoin: ‘The market will continue to grow’

John A Stergides Electrocoin
Electrocoin has championed the redemption market since its inception, and as we head into the 2020 season it shows little sign of slowing, comments, John A Stergides

All roads lead to redemption

Tony Glanville Inspired Gaming Sales
The answer to many of the challenges faced by the seaside sector in recent decades has involved redemption, with Tony Glanville, sales director..

Redemption has been a salvation for the seaside

redemption seaside saviour
Rarely does a whole new genre of product revolutionise the sector, but since its inception in the 90’s, redemption has been doing just that - so much so..

Tickets2Wishes: A win/win situation

Bacta Tickets2Wishes Win Win
Tickets2Wishes is a wonderful scheme which benefits everyone - the arcade, the customer and of course Rays of Sunshine children and their families.

JNC push redemption development for 2020

JNC redemption 2020
With a wellestablished reputation for responsive product development, JNC Sales are poised to keep championing diversity in the redemption sector, with..

Redemption going from strength to strength

Steve Vardy redemption
In the ever-the-more competitive redemption market new releases need to earn their place in the mix, leading to a culture of constant, positive..

Mirage launches Play and Save card for redemption and video

Mirage Mablethorpe FEC
As cashless payments increasingly grow in popularity, Mirage family entertainment centre in Mablethorpe has embraced the change, launching a brand new Play and Save card for 2020.   The Mirage family entertainment complex has announced a complete overhaul of its redemption and video payment systems, unveiling the new Play and Save card for 2020. The Mablethorpe FEC - which offers an arcade,...

New takes on classic concepts

Harry Levy EAG Plinko Butterfly Skee Ball
Harry Levy is showcasing the innovative takes on three amusements staples this year with the Skee-Ball Glow from Baytek, Plinko from Coastal Amusements..

UDC hits the spot with EAG debuts

UDC Fast Gunman
The United Distributing Company has brought two impressive new products to the EAG floor; the single player Fast Gunman shooting game and the Carnival..

Electrocoin: Cross-sector success

Electrocoin Skill Cut Winner Stranger Things Ball Paradise
At EAG, Electrocoin will be showcasing a host of exciting new products and developments for already-successful lines for the single site, AGC and FEC..

All killer, no filler: Shooters, redemption and cranes lead the way for UDC

Jonathan Lauder UDC redemption cranes
Despite feeling that the industry is currently being held back by regulations, UDC sales director Jonathan Lauder has been pleased with the feedback UDC..

Skill games and pinball boost Electrocoin into 2020

Electrocoin skill games pinball 2020
While Electrocoin has hit the ground running this decade after a strong performance from skill games and pinball over the last twelve months, the..

The low-down from Namco for EAG 2020

James Anderson Namco
Bandai Namco heads to EAG on the back of a good year of trading in which highquality redemption still held king. James Anderson, Commercial & sales..