Thursday, January 27, 2022

Tag: redemption prizes

Bideford arcade makes international news with hand sanitiser prize

Bideford Arcade Sanitiser prizes
Ho! Barts Amusement Arcade in Bideford is the latest UK amusements operator to hit the international headlines, after owner Rob Braddick replaced plush prizes on the arcade floor with hand sanitiser and toilet rolls..

Mottershead to showcase ITP prizes at ECAS

Coinslot - ITP imports mottershead ECAS
Ian Mottershead is a well-known face at UDC’s Skegness event. Specialising in redemption, Mottershead will be showcasing prizes at both the Newcastle and the traditional show - this time with new products from ITP Imports.   Ian Mottershead will attend both ECAS events in the coming week, showcasing a range of products from wholesaler ITP Imports. ITP supply the circa 400...