Saturday, January 22, 2022

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UDC announces In-House Showcase with over 60 new machines for 2021

UDC new showroom
After several weeks of meticulous planning, UDC has unveiled its new showroom facility in west London’s Park Royal, where over 60 brand new products await the keen eyes of operators looking to get prepared for the industry’s big comeback next year.

Fun for all the family

JNC Sales, redemption games, interview, pumpkin part, fantasy bowling
JNC has long been one of the leading names in the redemption market and a spate of new releases means this is unlikely to change any time soon. Managing director Tom Clarke and sales executive Sam Coleman speak to Coinslot about their focus on redemption and how their products appeal to all ages in an expanding market. The redemption sector...

Fantasy Island launches Europe’s first two player Wheel of Fortune

Sega Amusements International launched ICE’s Wheel of Fortune at this year’s EAG to much fanfare. With a quick roll out across the UK and overseas it has become this year’s “game to have” featuring in the top earning spot for many operators. Now Sega in partnership with Fantasy Island, in the popular resort town of Skegness in the UK, has...

Bandai Namco discuss ever-evolving redemption market

Bandai Namco DC Comics
John Crompton, regional sales manager BNAE, and Darrell Simmonds EMEA sales manager prize division, take stock of the ever-growing UK redemption market. The UK redemption market is one of constant evolution and Bandai Namco Amusements Europe has kept at the forefront of this with a portfolio full of product innovations and recognisable licences. Crompton commented that this market growth shows little...

Total redemption solutions

Redemption Suzohapp
The world of redemption machines is a broad one, and Suzohapp, under the CompetitionPro brand name, can supply everything necessary to maintain operations in the burgeoning market sector. The market for redemption machines is diverse and to ensure its success Suzohapp offers a whole world of amusement components to be found under the brand name CompetitionPro. Naturally ticket dispensers and tickets...

One big ticket gathers pace

Concept Games One big ticket
With the operational benefits clear, and site reports proving positive, the One Big Ticket system from Concept Games is having an impact on the redemption market at an ever increasing pace. Concept Games’ One Big Ticket system is designed to replace the conventional redemption output solution by fitting a thermal printer, and display, in the door of a machine and...

Leading the Irish redemption revolution

Redemption Tobyco
In ever growing numbers Irish operators are finding the benefits that a strong redemption machine estate can bring, comments Shane Murphy, MD of Tobyco. Ireland is opening itself up to redemption gaming and the positive consumer engagement the form brings. At the forefront of this growing market is national supplier Tobyco, with its vast product portfolio and in-depth industry knowledge...

RLMS: Helping players drive the redemption experience

Tony Glanville
The redemption range from RLMS and Bulldog Games continues to increase in popularity up and down the country. Tony Glanville, MD of RLMS Sales, talks about maximising trends and how interactive play is the key for players of any age. What do you feel the hottest trends this year have been in the redemption machine market place? Tony Glanville: From our...

Llandudno Pier points the way for preserving amusement industry

Llandudno Pier
Llandudno Pier, the longest in Wales, has always acted as an example of a great British seaside destination. Ahead of the summer season in the Victorian resort, Coinslot spoke to pier owner Adam Williams about contending with government regulations and building the future of the area. Llandudno Pier has served as a North Wales landmark and a centre for amusement...

Bulldog leads with sales 86% up on forecasts

Bulldog Games
Bulldog Games the pusher and redemption brand that was unveiled to the industry at EAG, has enjoyed a stellar launch with sales 86% ahead of forecasts.

Punters drawn to retro-redemption old favourites

Coinslot - Redemption retro
As the season progresses operators are seeing families trending towards retro-style redemption machines, with new-takes on old favourites offering an experience that in-home consoles and mobile games still cannot match.   Noticing the punters gravitate, a number of operators are planning to invest more in ‘traditional-style pieces’ - games you’d expect to see at a 1950s seaside carnival, but with a...

Covering every angle on the redemption spectrum

Coinslot - Redemption games JNC Sales Angle
From the latest machines on the market to restored used pieces guaranteed to turn a profit, JNC Sales has all corners of the redemption market covered.   As the redemption market continues to evolve, so does JNC’s comprehensive range of new and used redemption machines. From big top-end pieces such as Emergency Rescue and Ocean Pearl to cheaper yet equally effective...