Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tag: re-open

Government sticks to AGC postponement despite MP uproar

AGCs U-Turn remain closed AGC
Warnings of arcade redundancies from Bacta, MPs, and arcades across the country have fallen on deaf ears, as the government maintains its last-minute U-turn to push back AGC reopenings to July.

Scottish FECs set for “conditional” July re-opening

Scottish FECs AGCs could open July
Scottish arcades and FECs may be able to return to business on 15 July, subject to the success of wider measures to facilitate a restart to the country’s tourism industry.

Some pubs to re-open (maybe) by early July, says Boris

Pubs lockdown re-opening
In what has been touted as some long-awaited good news for the shuttered pub sectors, the latest government guidelines could permit for certain pubs to re-open as early as July 4 - given they meet all requisite social distancing pre-requisites.