Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Playsafe Systems: Cash’s pain is TITO’s gain

Playsafe Systems Quantum TITO
The accelerated decline of cash usage in the UK has led to an uptake in ticket-in ticket-out (TITO) systems, according to solutions provider Playsafe Systems.

Playsafe and Semnox help industry go cashless without compromises

Playsafe Semnox Thomas 8012C
Both industry leaders in their fields, Playsafe Systems and Semnox have been working together for 7 years now to provide fully integrated cash and card systems such as the Thomas 8012C Paystation - a trend that has only increased in the current climate.

Reels Casino Slots sign up Playsafe Systems for latest TiTo installations

Playsafe Systems Reels Casino Slots TiTO
“AGC operators are always looking for opportunities to streamline their business, drive better efficiency and improve security,” Playsafe Systems noted in their recent industry despatch.

Solace of Quantum: Playsafe launches new TITO system

Iain Lunt Playsafe Quantum TITO
Coinslot spoke to Playsafe sales and commercial manager Iain Lunt about the benefits of the company’s Quantum TITO solution.